Cardano (ADA) – A high-quality product is the best marketing, and it’s coming

Lately, there has been a lot of apathy in the Cardano community with regards to Shelley.  Quite expected when the release date has been postponed too many times. Lots of people have been waiting on Shelley, not so much for the decentralization, but for the anticipated price pump.  However, this shouldn’t really be the case. That’s because, it is better for Shelley to happen when all the technical aspects behind it are right, and not just release a half-baked product.  A low-quality product would lead to a short-term pump followed by a huge dump.

The dump would be heavy for two reasons. First, it would give content to those who spread FUD against Cardano. They would have a field day pushing the narrative that Cardano has nothing to offer.  Secondly, investors would be disenfranchised and possibly sell. That’s because, after waiting on something for over a year, you expect a good quality product that lives up to the hype.

In essence, the IOHK’s cautious approach could be the best thing they have done for Cardano. It is a frustrating wait for investors, but once the product goes live, and it works as expected, sentiment will change. Like in all other investments, quality always trumps any other form of marketing.

Hyping up a low quality product always works for a short-time, but once people realize that it has no substance, everything crumbles. With a good quality product, things may start out slow, but as word spreads, the reception grows. That’s what will happen to Cardano. The moment Shelley goes live and it is shown to work as expected, it won’t be long before money starts flowing in, and businesses start building on Cardano in large numbers.

The best part is that, Cardano investors won’t have to wait for long for these developments to actualize. Sure, waiting for as long as it takes is worthwhile, but it’s coming soon. In a recent podcast with the Cardano effect, the IOHK project manager announced that the Shelley testnet is coming in June.  They have already identified the pools that will be taking part in the testing phase of Shelley. That’s a good start, and is an indicator that Shelley could be live this year.

This could play a huge role in the growth of Cardano’s value, both in the short-term and in the long-run. In the short-term, it could lead to a pump out of excitement, while in the long run, adoption and staking could increase the value of Cardano (ADA). Either way, Cardano’s prospects are getting better. This makes it highly undervalued, when trading at under $0.10, from highs of $1.5 in 2017.  Its fundamentals are getting stronger, and the crypto market as a whole is gaining a more positive reception in the market. In a few years, Cardano could have lots of huge applications running on it.

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