Reddcoin (RDD) to hit $0.01 on ReddID September 30 Release

Reddcoin is trading at higher levels when compared to the lows in August 2018. Like Dogecoin, the crypto maintained higher levels ignoring the widespread selling activities in September. Significantly, there was a nice recovery that stepped slightly above $0.0045 before the buyers gave in to selling pressure leading to subtle lower corrections. Reddcoin (RDD) has remained stable above $0.0030. Besides, it is battling to clear the resistance at $0.0040.

Fortunately for Reddcoin, the network is preparing for the launch of the much-awaited ReddID on September 30. The price appears to be gaining traction after overcoming the selling activity at $0.0035. A sustained uptrend is expected towards $0.01 at end of September and the days succeeding the launch.

At the time of writing Redcoin is trading at $0.0036 following a 5.69% rise in the last 24 hours. It is a $102 million cryptocurrency with a trading volume of $1 million. The network has a circulating supply of 28,808,713,174 RDD.

About ReddID

ReddID is a new feature on the Reddcoin protocol designed for social media integration; it is simple, safe and efficient. The platform, since its inception in 2014 has purposed to develop a blockchain protocol that makes it possible to utilize personalized IDs, especially in social tipping. The Reddcoin team recently announced the public release of its new product ReddID. However, the official launch is expected later this month.

Features of ReddID

Users are currently able to register their unique “ReddID” name. Consequently, the “ReddID” name can then be linked to the users’ social media accounts, for instance, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook among others. Prior to the launch, the development team is working on more features for open source software and plugins that will be useful in web developments.

ReddID has simplified tipping on social media platforms due to its one button click feature. In addition to that, ReddID users have been provided with a means to invite their loved ones to be part of the amazing blockchain powered social revolution. The ReddID Tipping System is not only meant for the technically savvy because it can be downloaded via Google Play Store and executed as an Extension. It has also made it possible for users to store their RDD in a light browser wallet; therefore, cutting the time that was previously required for blockchain synchronization. Moreover, users are now able to run a search for other ReddID users using just a name while at the same time, following all the activities related to social tipping right from the web.

What is Reddcoin (RDD)?

Reddcoin is a social digital currency that exists to simplify money for the general public use. People spend a lot of their time on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. The network of friends and family on social media is essential in peoples’ lives. Reddcoin integrates digital currency and life on social media. With Reddcoin, users are able to tip their favorite authors, send and receive money online.

The reward mechanism on Reddcoin is affordable for micro-transactions; it is also fast and secure. Nonetheless, the introduction of ReddID will revolutionize the entire system placing Reddcoin at the helm of other social media-based cryptocurrencies.

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