Digibyte (DGB) – V-ID to use Digibyte blockchain: The DGB ecosystem is growing

Jared Tate, the founder of Digibyte (DGB) has consistently maintained that DGB biggest use case is in cyber security. This use case seems to be gaining momentum already. Recently, a Thailand based company announced that they will be adopting Digusign.  This comes closely after Antum a major player in online identity verification announced that they would be adopting Digi-ID. Now the use case of Digibyte (DGB) in the different aspects of cyber security, just got a major boost.

That’s after V-ID announced that they will start using Digibyte for their document verification services.  V-ID enables organizations and individuals verify the authenticity of documents online. For instance, it is possible for potential employers to verify of certificates presented by job applicants using V-ID. Simply put, V-ID aims to bring to an end most of the identity problems that businesses have to deal with at the moment. As such by using Digibyte (DGB), V-ID is bringing to the fore the potential of this blockchain in giving documents integrity on the internet, something that has become a challenge as editing technologies get more advanced.

This growing use case of Digibyte in identity management on the internet will soon see it gain in adoption in critical sectors of the global economy. For instance, identity authenticity is critical to the banking industry. Most banks now offer most of their services online, and with the increased sophistication of hacking techniques, the risk of user accounts getting hijacked is growing. Digibyte stands a good chance to prevent such incidences, because when using Digi-ID, the need for usernames that can be jacked is removed. That’s because the user’s identity verification process is done using the unbreakable Digibyte blockchain, when using Digi-ID.

For a Digibyte (DGB) investor, the increased entrenchment of Digibyte in online security is a good enough reason to be optimistic about the future value of Digibyte (DGB). That’s because cybersecurity is probably the most important use case for blockchain technology. Almost everything in the world is getting digitized, and this makes hacking one of the most lucrative illegal businesses in the world. By the 2020s, it could even be more lucrative than the drugs business. To understand this, just look at how much damage the wannacry malware attack caused, and the hefty ransoms they were asking for. There is a huge incentive for similar attacks in the future, especially with the digitization of functions that were previously reliant on people, such as driving. Therefore, in such an interconnected world, the most valuable blockchain will be the one that can guarantee security, and that’s none other than Digibyte.

Thanks to its strong and proven security features, Digibyte (DGB) will be at the center of the upcoming IoT revolution. It could be the security behind autonomous vehicles, and many other critical IoT devices. This will see its long-term market value grow.  Though, even in the short-term, Digibyte stands to grow as more partnerships come up.

Right now, Digibyte (DGB) is trading in a stable range around $0.024, and could possibly have hit a bottom. If bitcoin (BTC) makes a break above $7000 in the short-term, Digibyte (DGB) could outperform on the basis of its recent cases of adoption. From the charts, Digibyte (DGB) could easily test a high of $0.05 in the short-term. That’s its first key resistance level in the weekly charts. A break above that level could see Digibyte (DGB) make even higher gains as the market begins to rebound. In essence, the potential upside for DGB is strong, compared to other coins in the market today.

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