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The pornography sector has always been hit by a lot of censorship and many fans have been locked out simply because most porn sites have always accepted credit cards. PornHub is about to change is set to changes all that. You can now use TRON (TRX) for all your transactions

PornHub has announced that you can now use TRX digital coins for all your transactions. With a decentralized arrangement where you can access the porn site products in a discreet environment and you can make your payments to the micro-level. All your transactions are anonymous and your browsing history cannot be tracked without your consent.

Why Use TRON Crypto on PornHub

The best thing about using the blockchain technology on PornHub is that your transactions cannot be tracked. There are not statements and you can browse hardcore porn with your privacy guaranteed. PornHub is the market leader in the sector that offers live porn and you can opt to view or download.

The partnership with TRON (TRX) means you need a digital wallet where you will be making transactions for should you wish to access premium explicit content. The partnership comes barely days after Justin Sun; the TRON founder bought a file sharing platform, BitTorrent.

BitTorrent files sharing technology will give PornHub an edge over other porn sites by making it easy to download videos and other files and pay using TRX. TRON offers the lowest transaction rates and once the systems of the three are integrated, PornHub will be one of the most popular sites in the sector.

Justin Sun Plan for TRON (TRX) in the Future

Just days after TRON TRX mainnet launch and the ongoing token migration, Sun seems to be working towards securing the future of the now independent public blockchain. BitTorrent privacy is unquestionable and that is what the porn industry needs to move it into the next level. Lack of privacy in the current market has kept a lot of fans away. With the anonymity assurance, TRON is going to reap on mass adoption which will help TRX gain tractions in the coming months.

The idea behind Sun’s acquisition is to grow the TRON community and make the outfit a global brand. The three entities; TRON, PornHub and BitTorrent are highly compatible and it was wise for Sun to lock them into a peer-to-peer decentralized arrangement given that PornHub has over 90million fans and BitTorrent’s ever growing audience.

PornHub is also set to include ZenCash and Verge on their payment portfolio and this will benefit TRX immensely as a pair. With the popularity privacy and anonymous transactions through IP obscurity, TRON future keep getting promising every other day

To emphasize more on the need for the acquisitions, Corey Price of PornHub says:

“Decentralized payment systems have continued to grow in popularity, and cryptocurrency adoption is exploding across a broad economic spectrum. Today, cryptocurrencies are especially viable in the adult entertainment industry because they are more privacy-centric and incorporate more anonymity tools than traditional tender.”

TRON and ZenCash

The value of Tron TRX and ZenCash is set to rise steadily now that they are the natural crypto-coin choice for the pornography industry, at least for now. Live streaming of adult content demand keeps rising and the only thing that was missing was anonymity and affordable fees, whether you are in the premium or normal streaming, TRON and ZenCash have a place for you.

Many TRON community members had expected a surge on TRX toward the mainnet launch but this has been complicated by the current market downtrend. However, there is a lot of anticipation for a completely different platform compared with what it was while running on the Ethereum ecosystem

At the time of reporting, TRON (TRX) coin price stood at $0.038380 after shedding 0.73% against the green buck. This is way too low from the %0.05 resistance zone. With a lot of anticipation that institutions are set to invest in cryptocurrencies, TRX price might take a while before heading to the $1 threshold.

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