Digibyte (DGB) is a UTXO based crypto constituting a faster, more secured and a decentralized network. It was created by JARED TATE in mid 2014, although it has been revolving in the crypto financial market for almost 4 years now; but it is still relatively new. However DGB’s investors believe it to be a sleeping giant and the next big thing in the crypto currencies. Although it has failed to gain the world recognition but its basic network is very strong and its ravishing features even out shine some of the biggest crypto currencies currently being regulated in the capital market.

It’s currently being traded at 0.022680 USD and has a market cap of over 250,000,000 USD in the world market. Currently there are 8.1 billion DGB in the circulating in the world market. In the last couple of years it has worked leaps and bounds in the development of its network.

Digibyte aims to become one of the most advanced blockchain tech on the planet. It looks to add loT devices into DGB and looks to combine AI with its alluring blockchain tech. Digibyte has successfully decentralized its mining process, its platform provides good mining incentives and they use a combination of 5 different algorithms to perform this specific function. They shuffle their algorithms simultaneously throughout their entire network so no one algorithm tends to overshadow the remaining algorithms in the mining process. This phenomenon they refer to as the MULTISHIELD hence making it one of the toughest crypto currencies on the planet for mining. Multi shield is one of the technological upgrades of the digibyte platform.

Security wise Digibyte(DGB) is one of the best crypto’s right now that is currently being traded in the crypto’s financial market. Its development team designed digibyte code base in such a passion that it has embraced one of the best security systems for its platform. It has over 100,000 nodes and over 200,000 servers currently are linked to its vast network. DGB looks to provide transaction services without any hindrance from the network that why it has emphasized a lot on its security protocol.

Digibyte(DGB) is a fast network that performs its transactions in a matter of seconds. A new block is added to its network after every 15 seconds and it makes it the world’s fastest blockchain tech crypto till date. It process at a speed 40 times faster than that of bitcoin network. Digibyte processes about 280 transactions per second as opposed to 8 transactions per second in the bitcoin platform so making it vigorously faster than the other networks.

Digibyte and AtomicWallet have just come to an agreement, now DGB can be traded, ordered and swapped in the AtomicWallet. This changes DGB’s landscape dramatically as it has gained an access to a new platform with millions of existing users. AtomicWallet is already dealing with over 300 plus currencies at the moment so this can be a huge leap forward for the DGB.

DGB also shook hands with the Vertpig, now DGB has been listed on the Vertpig exchange where now it is being regulated and traded. Vertpig exchange went live only a couple of months back and it has been gaining users and volume constantly so readily it is a good choice for DBS to expand its current network so that it can look to topple some big crypto currencies in the fore coming future.

Logically and pragmatically Digibyte (DGB) is a crypto that one can look to hold for a longer period. DGB is limited in number and its network has constantly been progressively developed throughout its life cycle. DGB was one of the first few crypto currencies to implement the SegWit technology; SegWit sets apart transactions info and confirmation hence making its block more compact than before.

Digibyte (DGB) is one of the future’s crypto currencies, its features set it apart from the other currencies currently being regulated in the market. It is one of the crypto currencies that have the most advanced network for its users to work on its platform.

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