Mr. Patrick Dai, CEO, and founder of Qtum (QTUM) company, the world’s 20th largest digital asset is all positive about their contribution towards a revolution through the potentials of blockchain technology, that they believe can be brought into the society. They are also in line just like many other crypto companies who have initiated such similar moves in the recent times, the founder is optimistic about his company’s [Qtum] contribution in this process.

They announced earlier today about their second huge deal for this year:

“Qtum’s other partnership is with Qihu 360, the largest listed software company in China, and one of the best Internet security companies in the world. Qihu 360 has about 900 million users worldwide.”

The founder himself is convinced well that blockchain is evolving rapidly, transforming from a very early stage from the era where people were still talking about the concepts of the actual application building stage. “The timing is good to move from ‘proof of concept’ stage to maximization of useful applications,” Mr. Dai observes.

Dual Partnerships:

A full positive force is what they believe to be as they proudly present their teaming with big players from the industry.  Earlier in February this year, Qtum had declared the collaboration with Baofeng and Qihu 360, both of which are leading software companies in China. This has led Qtum also to think about mass commercial adoption like many of the other’s out in the crypto space and such partnerships could facilitate these thoughts even better.


Qtum will be assisted by Baofeng to deploy 50K full nodes within a year or two in China, Dai revealed. Accommodating 50,000 full nodes on the Qtum platform will make it the most decentralized platform. As a comparison, vis-à-vis Bitcoin [BTC] has about 10,000 full nodes and Ethereum [ETH] with 20,000 full nodes. Additionally, they are also working on the copyright protection and content distribution creation.

Qihu 360:

The other partnership for Qtum is with China’s largest listed software company also one of the best Internet security providers in the world with around 900M users across the globe. Dai shared a few insights stating, “We have signed a MOU with them to build a blockchain research lab, create more diversified applications based on Qtum technology, and push the X86 Virtual Machine to be the industrial benchmark.”  Additionally, he mentioned, “We are also working together on distributed storage and decentralized computing and to maximize the adoption of the technology and create more useful applications that can improve society at large.”


Qtum as a company:

Qtum is growing faster than ever as a company; to start with, they raised about $15 million solely on their ICO in 2017 and today the ecosystem is far more mature with more than 150 developers in the community involved in building Qtum. The coin holder community consists of 1.5 million stakeholders of over 700 nodes across 57 or more countries throughout the Qtum network. To put it out technically, their proof-of-stake smart contract network is the biggest in the world, said Mr. Dai proudly. Their growth drivers are multifold resembling many other blockchain companies and the revenue comes partially from community fund raising, commercial collaboration, and equity investment.

Qtum at the moment has over 50 DApps from around 10 industries including different industries like energy, IP & copyright, aerospace technology, online streaming, supply chain, and the Internet of Things [IoT]. “As more people from the traditional industries realize the tremendous potential of the blockchain, there will be more people joining the party, and I don’t see why we can’t disrupt traditional bank industry, shipping industry, logistics and transportation, construction and more,” Mr. Dai concluded with unconcealed optimism.


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