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Game.Com (GTC) price literally exploded as the entire cryptocurrency market drowned in the week’s largest selloff. GTC was added as a tradable asset on FCoin Exchange; a move that spiked the prices surging over 30% in 24 hours. The Game.Com team was quick to spot the surge and write on their Twitter saying “GTC TO THE MOON CONFIRMED!!! While the other digital assets nursed wounds from the overarching declines, Game.Com trading volume was on the rise, however, I will explore the price action in a bit.

In the meantime, FCoin Exchange is known as the world’s firsts exchange platform to enable trading crypto-to-security trading. It works on the model of complete transparency and decentralization. The exchange then shares 80% of the fees with FT token holders becoming one of the few platforms in the industry with this kind of connection with the community.

FCoin is relatively new in the market, it began its operations in May this year. It is based in China, however, its trading volume has already begun sending ripples in the market drawing a lot of attention to the exchange. Although it is fairly new, FCoin trading volume is growing at a high rate even surpassing those on large exchanges that have been around for a while now. The popular listing website, CoinMarketCap is yet to list FCoin Exchange, but another website in China shows that the young exchange had recorded around $5.6 million in the last 24 hours.

The exchange new model of trading is the biggest contributor to the growing volume. The model is referred to as ‘trans-fee mining” and has drawn the attention of the crypto media in China as well as the world’s largest exchange, Binance. FCoin model converts digital asset trading to mining allowing users access to FT tokens. These tokens are also issued by FCoin exchange.

What is Game.Com (GTC)?

This is a digital project that is based on the multi-billion dollar gaming industry. Game.Com (GTC) has the vision to become a global cryptocurrency for the gaming industry. The team, “through the creation and integration of game content, we provide ready-to-go entertainment services and application environment to facilitate the rapid expansion and development of blockchain technology.”

The platform supports the development of gaming content based on the blockchain. It has created Unique IDs for the players and gives a direct connection to the gaming content. The users can pay for services using the GTC token on the platform. The team has also come up with a secure hardware wallet that can be used by gamers around the world. The wallet is secure, aids in the management of digital assets and trading.

Game.Com (GTC) Price Overview

On FCoin listing exchange, Game.Com (GTC) became the first digital asset to start trading with FT. GTC/USD bounced sharply from $0.124 and traded highs of $0.206. The sellers sort for equilibrium after leading to a bullish flag pattern with the price consolidating above $0.15. The support at $1.70 failed to hold as the buyers battled to find a balance. Game.Com (GTC) price is currently exchanging hands at $0.158. The asset is ranked the 74th in the market with a capitalization of $120,257,165 and has a maximum supply of 2 billion GTC but the circulating supply stands at 761,444,190 GTC. The trading volume literally ballooned from $2,232,490 to a whopping $59,823,900.

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