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After the cryptocurrency market boom of 2017, many digital coin and tokens have been developed with each seeking to solve a specific problems. Some have thrived to become global brand hits while others have become misses. CyberMiles (CMT) is among coins that are industry specific and their use real life use cases have catapulted it to its current popularity.

The platform offers the e-commerce industry access to templates that enable them easily compatible with blockchain technologies. Cybermiles borrows a lot from Ethereum in the provision of smart contracts only that it does it better. Most large scale e-commerce companies prefer working with Cybermiles due to its low transaction fees.

Cybermiles (CMT) Genesis Validators

Cybermiles is preparing to usher in their MainNet and are looking for 19 validators during the genesis phase that will help run the ecosystem to ensure its stability during the first year after its launch. Applications are open and upon application interested parties will go through an evaluation process before getting started on the blockchain.

To be considered as a validator, you need to provide your company name and logo for the community to identify you. You must have a website and the team that is knowledgeable about matters blockchain. You are also required o provide the maximum amount of CMT you are willing to stake.

Other requirements include technical information about your data center. This includes the server type, how it is configured, its location and security you are indenting to provide. You should also have a dedicated budget for community outreach.

Last but more importantly, you need to showcase plans for your social media exposure for better engagement with the community. You need to have at least 500+ followers to be considered as a validator.

Cybermiles (CMT) Crypto Only Marketplace

CyberMiles (CMT) smart contracts come with a wide range of programming languages that is bug proof. This has been developed to improve on the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems that are not 100% bug free. It is for this reason the platform has come up with cryptocurrency online market place, that only accepts digital coins as the only form of payment. only accepts CMT coins as the only way to make payments. At the moment, the platform has over 70 products and more are being added to its portfolio. Some popular products on sale include electronic and their first ever mining machine for CMT, The Cybermiles platform is fully optimized for most commercial applications.

Cybermiles (CMT) Growth and Market Performance

Cybermiles (CMT) has been steadily growing and is now ranked 71 with a market cap of $145.6millionm 692.5million CMT in circulation and the last 24 hours a total of $16,920,200 worth of CMT tokens have changed hands.

The recent launch of has seen the price of CMT get a spike and has been trading on the green zone for the last 7 days. At reporting time, the CMT price stood at $0.210259 after marginally gaining by 2.84% against the dollar and 0.91% to BTC and losing 0.67% to Ether,

Cybermiles (CMT) is so focused that many crypto analysts think the platform is becoming a threat to e-commerce movers like Alibaba and Amazon. Will the coin is still in its beta stages and will soon start making inroads into the ever growing market.

The growth of the platform and its value traction is its route to market strategy and has already hit the ground running after getting listed on Binance, OkEx, Huobi, Zebpay and Cobinhood among the major exchanges. The pairing so far is a good mix and aimed at bringing the token to the masses towards its MainNet launch.

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