TRX Token Swap

TRON (TRX) plans appear to be falling into place every single day. The team behind the project know has had its share of ups and downs and it is time to reflect on the achievements as the Independence Day draws near. With the number of TRX holders in the excess of 1.218 million and 498 nodes globally, the coin can’t get any better.

Days after introduction of Odyssey saw a new trend in popularity of the token. The feature has opened up the platform for increased content development which is set to empower content creators economically. The full potential of the network has also been outlined in their roadmap with the token migration being the highlight.

This will be one of the biggest TRON (TRX) achievements and despite the TRX coin trading below par, a functional MainNet is expected to spur growth and bring onboard more investors. Investor confidence seems to be returning to the network and price spikes have been noticed in the charts.

Official TRON Token Migration Checklist

TRON has finally released their token migration checklist before the Independence Day. It is important to note the dates and timing to avoid being left out as the platform takes off. Every TRX holder with ERC20 token will be affected during the cross over from the Ethereum outfit to the new TRON blockchain.

The process will see a changeover from ERC20 tokens to the new TRON20 standard coins. The statement clearly states that:

“There will be a 1:1 swap, which will not impact any TRON supporters balance. What you put on the exchange for the migration is what you will have after it is completed.”

The token swap is supported by 30 exchanges and the swap date remains June 24th (0:00AM, GMT +8. However, it is the token holder’s responsibility to check individual timelines from individual exchanges to avoid being locked out. If you are not sure of the timing, the time to deposit is now.

After the deadline, depositing and withdrawals will be suspended from all participating exchanges until June 26th (GMT +8). If you fail to meet the deadline, Binance exchange will be the only exchange to cover your back; they will still be able to help you complete the process though this is not the best option.

What Happens After the TRX Token Swap?

After the token swap process, it will be business as usual for TRON (TRX) and supporting exchanges. You can still continue using the services of your exchange to trade your new coins or just transfer them to your TRON wallet. There are no restricts as to where to store your TRX coins.

However if you are planning to participate in the Super Representative elections, it is a must you store your coins in the TRON wallet since this is what will give you a voting pass. Only new TRX token holders are eligible to vote.

Invite to Join TRON Core Tronics Team

TRON (TRX) has so many surprises with the more recent one being an invite to become part of the Core Tronics Team. If you are a true believer in the platform and a diehard blockchain lover, you can be part of the team. However, you need to own more than 10,000 TRX tokens, be an ardent TRON follower and believer who understand the TRX underlying technology, be proficient with one minority language and the ability to build a group of 500 fans or more.

The goal of the Tronics team is to act like the platform ambassador to your team on the ground. This is a position where you get rewarded as you educate the masses about the new blockchain vision and goals. If you this is something you can do, you can send your application through to

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