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IOSToken (IOST) is one of the most scalable blockchain platforms in the industry that have been able to remain decentralized since their inception. The project is secure and provides the developers in the industry with infinite possibilities of building decentralized applications. It is a platform that has dedicated its technology, expertise and time to creative ideas that bring cutting-edge innovations to the community and the global cryptocurrency space.

IOSToken: The digital asset on the Rise

IOSToken has been breaking barriers since its launch, and although the investors’ sentimental shift from the coins in the market to altcoins has given its growth a boost, it is a project that is worthwhile to watch in 2018. This token has virtually all the feature that the current investor hopes to find with an asset, for instance, its usability gives the user the ability to convert services to cash.

The platform currently runs on Ethereum smart contracts, however, the team is working on launching its own blockchain in the near future. The demand for IOST tokens has been on the rise and the digital asset can be said to have the potential to compete with the bigger coins in the market. The project has caught the attention of investors for being more like, the online shopping gurus, the likes of Amazon and Alibaba. On the contrary, these two platforms are centralized in their operations including payments, shipping, and even shopping. IOSToken, on the other hand, has decentralized all these services, in addition to having the highest security possible using blockchain.

How IOSToken is building a global ecosystem

As mentioned above, the team understands that the time for hyped crypto assets is long gone. The investor wants to know what the project is all about and its relevance in the crypto space. Digital assets with a well-grounded use have an upper hand over other currencies in the market. The project prides itself on having high scalability and advanced security features. Although it is an ERC20 project, it has been made to stand out from the rest by employing the latest technology features such as avant-garde, sharding as well as Proof-of-Believability.

The platform is not only meant for the mass, it focuses on attracting big service industries as well. Some of these include online-based advertising, cloud computing firms, as well as the companies that excel in predicting markets. This kind of usage has been a big factor in the rise of IOSToken (IOST).

Crypto experts have said from time to time that having a good team behind a project can be the reason why that a project excels. IOSToken (IOST) team is determined and boasts of great minds in the industry some being graduates of the prestigious Harvard. The marketing team is also very ambitious and their social media activities are very influential.

IOSToken price overview

IOSToken is trading at $0.0285 at the time of writing and technical indicators on the chart signal that higher corrections are in the pipeline. The crypto is testing the immediate resistance at $0.029, but it is supported weakly at $0.0280. A stronger support is, however, highlighted at $0.026 – $0.025. IOSToken (IOST) is ranked the 54th crypto in the market with its market capitalization being at $239,090,040. It has a trading volume of $33,716,800 in the last 24 hours. Moreover, it has a total coin supply of 21 billion IOST but its circulating supply is $8.4 billion IOST.

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