Casino Live With TokenPay

TokenGaming has launched a fully featured custom built gaming management platform featuring top titles from a wide spectrum of betting software developers, I can authoritatively state.

The brains behind the project state they have over 15 years as suppliers in the online gambling industry in Latin America. TokenGaming claims it has everything related to the gaming industry.

The unveiled platform will adopt TokenPay (TPAY) and Verge (XVG) using TokenPay Multisignature Transaction Engine Live.

The disclosure was made in a tweet by TokenPay:

“BUILD YOUR OWN CASINO Fully featured custom built gaming management platform with the top titles from a wide spectrum of betting software developers. TPAY and XVG payment integration coming soon with the TokenPay Multisignature Transaction Engine LIVE”

On the TokenGaming platform, there are over 50 products in casino, bingo, poker, virtual, sports and live casino. The firm is also able to develop customized platforms adaptable to the needs of any business model, with turnkey products and White Label solutions which are 100% adaptable to clients.

The platform offers online and land-based solutions, which makes all its products such as slots and sports usable in a game room, cybercafe and land base casinos.

The firm, which has a dependable market in all Latin America, gives clients the opportunity to accept crypto currency on their websites by integrating TokenGaming merchant through its state of the art API.

Among the crypto that would be accepted on platforms affiliated to TokenGaming are Verge (XVG) and TokenPay (TPAY). The two cryptocurrency, for sometimes now, have been working together on some projects.

The romance between the two platform started when Verge asked his users to contribute 75 million XVG (worth about $3.19 million) to enable it achieve the “largest cryptocurrency collaboration to hit the market.”

The donation, which Verge made like ‘crowdfund contest’, was proudly supported the most by TokenPay. The crypto platform donated 15 Million Verge XVG, the highest received during the crowdfunding.

TokenPay tweeted after the donation: “Big things happening with @vergecurrency. #VergeFam, we contributed 15,000,000 $XVG to the fundraising drive. #TokenPay & #VERGE are strong partners. Let’s help them hit their goal.”

Then after the donation, the two platforms started working together. TokenPay team were present at the recent Verge Meet Up in Amsterdam.

Remember, when Litecoin founder, Charlie Lee, who later became a friend to TokenPay’s CEO, Derek Capo, disparaged Verge XVG for inducing PornHub partnership “with money”, Capo was the first to condemn Charlie on the statement.

The disagreement resulted in TokenPay (TPAY) and Litecoin signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which analyst say it may be on acquiring shares in some banks where TokenPay has upper hand.

Derek Capo said in a tweet: “TokenPay CEO derekcapo Interview with Sean Davis. THE TPAY ECOSYSTEM EXPLAINED. XVG Deal LTC NDA Signed.”

At first, the agreement between the two firms is not clear, however, Charlie in a message to Finance Magnates confirmed that Litecoin is “exploring” the idea.

It is no news that Litecoin is serious about having a debit car. The cryptocoin just partnered with Wirex and produced a Litecoin debit card afterward.

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