So much has been said about Reddcoin (RDD) but many enthusiasts and critics fail to understand what the coin is all about. Reddcoin is a game changer in the social media circles as a tipping tool to the micro-payment level. This is a tipping hotcake that is waiting to explode.

The good this about the coin is lowly valued but with a high circulation supply making it to be the best choice for mass tipping that the social media lacks. With a total circulating supply of 28.80billion RDD and zero in escrow, you are better off with the coin compared to Ripple’s XRP.

 Envisioned Reddcoin (RDD) Real World Use Cases

The current social media platforms are overly dull and one way of giving back to the participants is by exciting then with a tipping function. This can be ideal if integrated with Twitter, Telegram or Reddit. Once a member makes a helpful contribution, other participants can use some RDD “cents” to tip the contributor and encourage them to continue as “moderators”.

This way, development of new and positive discussion threads will increase and social media users will go out of their way to provide helpful and well thought information to the masses. This is what the social media is lacking; people spend so much time on these platforms and by the end of the day, there is nothing to show for it.

Reddcoin (RDD) Phore Collaboration

Well, many critics have trashed Reddcoin (RDD) as a dying coin; far from it. With more robust cryptos coming into the market, Reddcoin is repositioning itself for the future. In the recent past, the network has partnered with Phore, blockchain backed e-commerce site and RDD will be used as the tipping coin whilst delivering support for buyers and sellers on Phore giving the marketplace the flexibility it lacks.

Announcing the Reddcoin Phore partnership, the Phore CEO, Thomas Ambler said:

“Phore’s partnership with Reddcoin will create more flexibility to buy and sell goods and services in the marketplace for both holders of PHR and RDD, as well as give vendors more options as to which currencies to accept.”

As a blockchain, Phore has its own native coin PHR that is still struggling from its beta stage. It rides on smart contract and users get rewarded with tokens and you can earn some interest by just participating. Combining RDD and PHR user base is a boost for the two partners and will soon translate to increased traction on both coins.

Reddcoin (RDD) and Phore (PHR) Capitalizing on E-commerce Boom

The e-commerce sector has been dominated by a few multinationals whose image has been tainted by brokers and agents who end fleecing the unsuspecting consumer. With many products and services targeted to the middle class, a system that is transparent, fast and offers micro-level payments is what the sector lacks.

According to Reddcoin CTO, John Nash, the partnership between the two outfits will see the Reddcoin market penetration enhanced and the community is fully behind the innovative initiative. RDD and PHR are bringing in a whole new world of scalability and flexibility in the e-commerce sector and making it easy for participants to access fast transaction between them and this is the convenience set to discern more to come onboard.

Reddcoin (RDD) Price in the Market

Like other small Altcoins, Reddcoin (RDD) has been hit by the market melt-down but has proved to be among the few nuts to crack. The coin is set to partner with Lindacoin and ride on its secure and masked transaction that will see RDD holder’s stake on their smart phones and ear for it. This is one of the reasons why the RDD price has remained stable.

In the last 24 hours prior to reporting, Reddcoin (RDD) was trading at $0.005438 after marginally gaining 7.41% to the dollar and 6.38% to the BTC. With the market returning to the green trading ways, the goal for the coin is to hit the $1 mark by close of Q3 as it sets the phase for more partnerships in the social media and e-commerce sectors.

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