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The crypto market has for sometime been trading on the red and this has left the investor worried. However ICON (ICX) appears to be defying the trend and struggling to get back to the red. The token has been attracting a lot of attention and seems to be aiming for the top 10 slot by market capitalization.

The ICON ecosystem allows new blockchain based project to freely connect to in their bid to provide real world solutions to their participants.  As the rush for new listings intensifies, ICON (ICX) has gotten the Binance support nod during their upcoming MainNet and the token migration process.

Time to get hold of ICON (ICX) Before Takes-off

There has been a lot of anxiety and lack of confidence in the market on the part of the investor but ICON appears to be the best platform to onboard at the moment. Thought the coin is ranked 23 rd by market cap, it is billed as the best Ethereum alternative. The beauty of ICON is that is does not compete with other digital coin platforms but instead supports them.

Many investors focus on the price aspect when staking on digital coins. ICON offer more than just the price value proposition. There is a need to look at the platform in terms of its capabilities, security, stability and the team behind the project. Here are some reasons why ICON is your natural choice and a safe haven for your digital assets

 ICON (ICX) is Industry Specific

Any token of the future has to have a specific industry solution is solves. The token has lived to its expectations as a platform that connects other networks for a global connectivity. At the onset, the platform appeared just like another outfit in the market and has grown to serve its intended purpose.

ICON is giving the Ethereum ecosystem a run their money and has been nicknamed the “Ethereum killer”. Anything the Ethereum does, ICON does it better. Its popularity is based on its full utilization of smart contracts and allows DApp development on their network.

It is now possible to create projects on the platform but the system gives you extra tools to connect various blockchain beads project on a single platform. The focus shift from Ethereum is because of the vulnerabilities that the mother network has been battling with lately.

ICON is a One-Stop-Shop

ICON has an edge over its competition in that it offers a one stop-shop solutions; it is a peer-to-peer outfit deploys smart contracts and uses the consensus algorithm. A combination of these three gives the platform the natural technological potential for the future. The consumer is headed in the direction of demanding for hyper-connectivity and that is what ICON is all about.

Unlike the Ethereum system whose smart contracts ride on its virtual machine ICON does not use the VM technology. The good news is that the platform transactions are real time thanks to their utilization of BFT and LTF.

ICON (ICX) Strategic Partners

For any cryptocurrency to break even, a strong strategic partnership is critical. They open up the system’s capabilities and test the infrastructure. Partnerships drive the coin value and instill confidence and adoption for increased traction.

ICON has partnered with influential market players and has picked Carboneum as a strategic partner to spur the project technological development. The company is backed revenue generating outfit, the Taiwan StockRadders which boasts of over 4.8milllion users and still growing. Other partners are drawn from venture capital, law and blockchain media sectors.

ICON (ICX) Price is Low

At the moment ICON (ICX) price is at its lowest and the best entry point to the digital money market. Apart from the rock bottom price, ICX is trading in the green at the time of writing. This comes at a time when most top 20 coins are trading in red.

In the last 24-hout trading, the coin has gained 11.53% against the USD to trade at $2.12 and has also gained against BTC and ETH by 13.42% and 13.81% respectively. This is a clear indication of hoe stable the token can get and is a good bet to invest in now and going forward. The price spike might be short-term but it comes at a time when other Altcoins are fighting and this shows the potential of ICON (ICX).

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This information should not be interpreted as an endorsement of cryptocurrencies or a recommendation to invest. Historic performance is no guarantee of future returns. As an investment class, cryptocurrencies are speculative investments and investing in cryptocurrencies involves significant risks – they are highly volatile, vulnerable to hacking and capital loss and sensitive to secondary activity. Before investing you should obtain advice and decide whether the potential return outweighs the risks.


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