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EOS has become one of the top trending up currencies for the past couple of months, in a great portion due to the case of taking over the fifth spot on the global coin ranking list from Litecoin (LTC). However, with the latest news of having EOS getting its own main net waiting to be released got everyone on the edge of their seats, especially the EOS community. Although the main net launching was under a question for some time, it has been decided with the last voting session that the main net is to be launched today, on June 9th, making EOS a native crypto of EOS main net.


With a tweet that was posted on the official Twitter page of EOS GO, which is a social account of EOS community, it has become official that EOS main net is to be launched on today’s date, which is June 9th.

EOS GO community tweeted about the news on Saturday morning, stating that the main net is to be launched 1 PM UTC 0n Saturday, June 9th.

It has been acknowledged in the meantime, that there was another voting session conducted within the EOS community. The voting session took place a day before on June 8th, and the voting began in form of a live voting session.

After the voting was over and the session closed for further votes, once the votes were counted it was soon evident that the EOS launch has gotten a massive GO for the launching of the main net on June 9th. That is how the EOS community happily shared the news with the public.

The candidates that were brought to EOS main net with the plan to become Block Producers, which is an equivalent to a block miner in a way, were a part of the voting session as their voices counted in for the decision of the main net launching.

Ever since EOS went on with releasing version 1.0 of the EOSIO blockchain protocol, making it available to the public, the main net has been impatiently expected, which means that there have been weeks since the first public appearance of EOSIO blockchain protocol in the public.

EOSIO to Compete with Ethereum?

Now that the news of having the main net launched into the public has become official, it is presumed that EOSIO will now be challenging Ethereum. There are numerous coins today presumed and predicted as what is popularly known as Ethereum Killers, but by far Ethereum still holds the first place in the terms of being the top platform in various categories and as decided by various standards in blockchain technology.

The main reason for believing that EOS is getting ready to challenge Ethereum although unofficially, of course, is the fact that EOS and Ethereum are, in the lack of a better word, in the same industry of representing platforms for making decentralized applications which directly poses them as rivals.

By far, EOS seems to be on the right path for achieving its goal, presuming that EOS has planned for EOSIO to become the top platform for making decentralized applications.

EOS is also doing exceptionally well in the market as well, so we could see it collecting over 12 billion dollars within a very short period of time, making it the fifth-best currency in accordance with its flattering market capitalization.

Prior to having the main net live for the public, it is said that the block producers who voted to have the main net go live today on June 9th will need to wait for the additional 48 hours of testing before having the main net officially up and running.

EOS Up in the Green

What came as no surprise at all is the fact that despite the negative trend in the market with having a great deal of currencies dropping, EOS is going up, although the latest rise barely touches 2%.

In the last 24 hours, this crypto went up by 1.73%, making it worth 14.32$ per one unit. The latest gains have most likely mirrored the atmosphere of having the EOS main net release voted up for today.

If the latest gains can be interpreted as a sneak peek into the increased trading volume EOS might potentially get with the main net launch, it is more than evident that this crypto will be mooning in the following days, to potentially extending its success in the market to long-term.

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