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Nebulas (NAS) has been silent for w while and the team seems to be back with exciting news for DApp developers and other affiliates. The next generation outfit is seeking out for DApp geeks worldwide to join this exciting platform. This is a change for you to be part of the ecosystem and help grow it to the next level.

With the ever changing consumerneeds, perfecting the Nebulas ecosystem has become top priority. This is in an effort to ensure enterprises and users get the best out of the platform. Offering real world solutions is the goal and to address your individual concerns, you need to be part of it.

How does Nebulas (NAS) Operate?

According to the official Nebula website, the goal of the entire process is summarized as:

“Developers can now build DApps on MainNet. This will make it easy to integrate search engine on the system that has the ability of indexing and the same time ranking its DApp, data base and smart contracts. This will also include other blockchains once the project is complete”.

Ranking value has been missing in the industry and a set value measurement is necessary. This is one of the core objectives of the platforms project; to ensure an environment for fast computing with state of the art tools that will guarantee consumer satisfaction.

After end of March MainNet launch, the developer outfit is now focused on coming up with a network that is highly sustainable. To achieve this critical goal, more DApp experts are being encouraged to join the community and help build DApps of the future.

Nebulas (NAS) Market Outlook

Nebulas is among the few coins that have over the last 24 hours experienced a surge in their price by a double digit percentage. The coin is currently ranked 54 by market capitalization and appears to be headed to the top 20 before end of the year.

If talented developers come onboard and create modern DApps, Nebulas will be a mover in the cryptocurrency world in a few months. The coin has been able to gain a massive 9.33% against the dollar and 11.49% to BTC just few days after trading in the red for two weeks.

The current spike might be short-term market correction but the coin has the potential to sustain the momentum to last the end of this quarter. The call for quality developers and the going live of the MainNet have created enough hype and more users are actively participating in the platform development going forward.

Short and Long-Term Nebulas (NAS) Goals

Usability of any digital coin and parent platform are becoming key focus in the eyes of investors. Nebulas is taking this very seriously and is one of the strategies that will push the innovative initiative to the next level. Providing a decentralized environment where participants get rewarded will make Nebulas better.

As a developer, you are rewarded for your contribution. Participation is open to all. You are rewarded with NAS tokens whether you are an individual or a company.

If you are not gods in DApps, you can still earn your incentives from referrals. All you need to do is invite developers to the network and you get paid. You can always convert your Nebula (NAS reward to other cryptocurrencies and then to fiat.

These incentive programs have been going on since May 6 and will run till the 1st of July. You have a chance to be part of the community for the next one month. Developers are requested to submit DApp proposals to participate. If tested and proven worthwhile, you get rewarded.

With the hype and the reward program running, the coin value will start gaining traction and this is the right time to start stocking up with Nebulas (NAS). You can decide to participate as a developer or referrer and you start earning your first NAS coins.

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