With increasing crypto awareness, digital coin and token users are beginning to understand the uses of Golem (GNT) in real life.  This is a global supercomputer which you can access from any corner of the globe. It is a mesh of computers supported by data hubs to help you complete select tasks in daily life. This is one reason why GNT is becoming a token to add to any crypto fans’ watch list.

The network brings together computation power al all participating user computer terminals. The beauty of the system is you are able to buy or sell computer resources from the outfit. This is an open source outfit easily allows you to use their native coin to pay for any computer power as per your needs. You can also make money by selling power that you do not need.

Golem (GNT) Use You has no Idea Exists

Golem (GNT) is poised to become one of the most successful tokens in our times. For one, this is a sharing economy based on the peer-to-peer concept. It is a unique market place for computation power that is affordable and ideal and flexible for those in the software development sector.

The Golem system rides on Ethereum and this makes it easy for settling payments between the network users. You do not have to use fiat or credit cards to make payments on the system. All services are paid for using the native GNT tokens.

How does the Golem (GNT) Outfit Work

This is a system that is not centralized and creates a meeting point for all users worldwide, it is a marketplace where you can sell computing power than you do not need and get paid for it. Alternatively, the platform allows you to buy computing resources to perform various tasks and get rewarded for it.

To understand the entire Golem concept, you need to look at it as the AirBnB in the computer scenario. The system simply relies of that part of unused computational power to help those who require it. Ad a provider, you get rewarded and as a user, you can perform tasks and get paid by the system and your software clients.

What Golem (GNT) Developers are Up to                        

The team behind Golem has been working behind the scenes to make the network what it is today. On 10th April the team introduced the Golem beta Brass which is still live and working on but running on the Ethereum MainNet. This is a simple feature that is set to test the platforms capabilities going forward:

“Golem is proud to announce we have finally launched our Brass Beta into mainnet. We still have a lot of work to do – but this marks a new beginning for us – read our blog → 

— golem (@golemproject) April 10, 2018

The Golem team goal is to enable the network users enjoy the fruits of blockchain; enjoy open source benefits, low cost transaction and easy access to cloud computing services. It will ensure the masses can participate in cloud computing systems without being fleeced by the traditional service providers

At the moment, Golem users will be able to integrate their systems to the network. To make the process easier, the GNT token has been listed on Binance. This has of late increased user trust on the Golem system. This is already bearing fruits as the price of the GNT token is gaining momentum in the market

John McAfee’s Golem (GNT) Price Prediction

John McAfee has made his name in the crypto- circles with his “almost accurate” price predictions and has predicted the price of GNT is set to moon and is likely to hit the $5 mark by Q3. As an influencer in the market, his predictions are set to come to pass.

The Golem (GNT) price is already showing signs of recovery and the coin has gained marginally against major currencies. At the time of going to press, the coin is trading at $0.650070 after recording 24 hour gains of 17.11% to the dollar and 17.24% and 16.43% to BTC and ETH respectively.

With the anticipated development of software for the corporate world, Golem will be able to break even get a share of the global cloud computing power to become the natural choice. Cheap services and seamless payments will continue to make the system worth investing in.

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