For the better part of the year, TRON (TRX) has been on the move to showcase the blockchain technology usability in a wide range of industries. The recent strategic partnership with vSport is set to add to the TRON DApp popularity.

The two partners are set to share resources and tackle technological challenges in order to deliver high quality products to communities they serve. However, for TRON, this is a plus that will help the network grow its ever expanding global appeal, increase the user base and add value to the TRX coin.

Why Should TRON (TRX) Target the Soccer Industry?

By working together with vSport, TRON stands a chance of getting assimilated into the sporting industry with soccer being the sector with the largest active fan base. It also has the largest DApp infrastructure in the world that vSport can take advantage of.

With TRON ecosystem and TRX usability, it is easy to tap into the sporting industry courtesy of vSport.  On the other hand, vSport is set to benefit from the popularity of cryptocurrency in a decentralized environment. With high throughput, scalability and unsurpassed availability, TRON becomes the natural vSport choice.

Sports Value Foundation

This is a blockchain project that is he vSport brainchild based in Singapore. It scores a first by virtue of being the first ever platform that is blockchain-powered designed with the sporting industry in mind.

On the partnership, TRON Justin Sun said;

“Soccer is the biggest sport in the world. It has the largest fan base, and the community has always had a keen sense and great enthusiasm for new things. Combining soccer and even sports in general, with blockchain technology will effectively expand the community support for blockchain. This will provide people with an enhanced experience of blockchain and even change their lifestyles. That’s what we are going for with the TRON/vSport partnership. Qiang Bai has always sought to promote soccer. Then we have Wesley Sneijder, who can only help the Netherlands dominate the field, but also has spearheaded soccer-related projects off the field. As fast learner that embraces blockchain technology, it is likely that Wesley will completely change the structure of the soccer ecosystem through the initiative. TRON very much looks forward to this partnership”

These sentiments were supported by Qiang Bai, the co-founder of vSport. He argued that this partnership will streamline the sporting industry imbalance of the past and instill transparency. It will also go a long way to combine resources between the two companies to tackle the sporting industry woes. The end goal is to give back to the global soccer fans as a community.

TRON (TRX) and vSport Role in 2018 Russia World Cup

The TRON (TRX) and vSport partnership come at the right time. With the world cup set to start on the 14th June in Russia, the timing cannot go wrong for the two. This is a global event that will enable the two to benefit through soccer results forecasting venture for a better fan experience across the globe.

TRON is by design a network of mass adoption and the partnership will drive this agenda through creating awareness of the capabilities and the usability of blockchain and cryptocurrency with special emphasis on TRX.

The partnership is likely to spur TRX recovery and add value to the coin. This will only be realized the world cup route to market gains acceptance. This is also an opportune time for investors to stake on the coin and expect to reap benefits during and after the global event.

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