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Since its launch, IOTA (MIOTA) has not had any major achievement until its recent adoption by Power and integrating it into its location platform. This is a major milestone for IOTA as it looks forward to achieving its goals of being the leading Internet of Things Blockchain network.

The team behind IOTA had a vision of enabling the likability within the Internet-of-Things through the Machine Economy. With time, the network is finding more and more use especially when it comes to solving real life problems facing humanity.

In the next 10 years, ITOA estimates that roughly over 75 billion internet of things devices will have been connected through its blockchain network. This includes minute sensors in infrastructures like bridges and roads, wireless electronics and larger devices like computers. With IOTA’s next generation distributed ledger technology, the whole world will be interconnected and it will be very easy to share information and data.

To make this dream a reality, IOTA (MIOTA) has joined forces with, which is the leading Internet of things Location finder provider.  The integration of IOTA’s blockchain technology with location platform brings a new look at how people locate and obtain data from different internet of Things devices across the globe. It will enable users to acquire tamper-proof readings from smart sensors.

Łukasz Szelejewski, the CTO at, said that they have chosen IOTA due to is scalability and its cost effectiveness and low power consumption when processing transactions. In actual sense, the more transactions that IOTA has queued up, the faster it gets.

“In IoT, where a transaction involves tiny bits of data transferred by small battery-powered devices, blockchain has been too expensive and energy-consuming to succeed. We have decided to work with IOTA because it removes the cost barrier, and it needs little computing power to confirm transactions. Moreover, IOTA, unlike blockchain or Ethereum, is capable of processing a lot of operations in almost real time. In fact, the more transactions it has queued, the faster it scales. For all these reasons, IOTA makes Proof of Work possible and efficient in the IoT environment and is likely to become the next security standard for IoT.”

Use cases for the IOTA integration

Healthcare sector

The healthcare operators will have a better option which they can use to monitor environmental conditions and can be assured of a fully transparent system where the data obtained is tamper-proof. Healthcare operators will have a faster and more secure platform where they can collect and analyze their data.

Logistics companies

In the logistics companies, the need to monitor the environmental factors is very paramount so as to ensure high quality services and goods and also make the process of risk management easier.

With the IOTA integration, collection of data from sensors in different locations when monitoring solutions will no longer have to be done manually. While the platform offers the basis for locating your sensors, the IOTA blockchain network will provide a network that will ensure the data is relayed without getting tampered in real time. This will ensure that the solutions or advises generated will always be accurate.

Security firms

For the security firms, this is a great relief to them since asset tracking will now become more easir. While in the past the information from the sensors required to be sent into a cloud storage first, with the IOTA integration, data/information will be directly relayed in real time to ensure faster tracking.

It will be now possible to track your million or billion worth goods or asset in a fraction of a fraction of a second.

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