ICON (ICX), the blockchain that is working on becoming the largest network in the world by bringing together other blockchains in a system called “Hyperconnectivity” has not failed to impress the investor since inception. The cryptocurrency backing the network, ICX has been growing steadily and now is ranked the 19th by market capitalization. At the moment, ICON (ICX) is among the biggest gainers, with the price surging by over 9% while trading at $4.28 at the time of writing. Besides, it is the Asian trading hours and a bullish momentum is in progress on the charts. ICX/USD is aiming at achieving $5.00 in the course of trading on Tuesday 15, but it must overcome the serial resistance at $4.50.

The chances of ICON (ICX) breaching the above the long-term resistance level at $5.00 are high owing to the fact that it has entered into a partnership with the leading electronic and mobile phone developer, Samsung. Well, Samsung is well known for what it does and has created a global brand for itself competing with the likes of Apple.

The partnership is big news for ICON and also means a lot for its technology. ICON’s Chain ID will now be adopted into Samsung’s latest project dubbed Samsung Pass. News of the partnership was relayed to the community via the official Medium while ICON wrote about Chain ID. The Samsung Pass project was represented as the initial joint authentication service. The development team at ICON did exceptionally well and managed to “forge” Chain ID from the loop chain blockchain technology.

Authentication service was born out of the need for South Korea to regulated Certified Certificates, a centralized system of authentication. ICX started exploring its loop chain blockchain to try and create as a flexible means that enables personal authentication and in the process, the team came up with Chain ID.

Significantly, the Korea Financial Investment Blockchain Consortium has been working with ICX to make the Chain ID project a success, Besides, the team said that the project has been in use for a year now since it was structured in October 2017.

Samsung intends to use the Chain ID on their mobile devices, although it is currently using the biometric system of authentication. ICON, on the other hand, is excited because this means that its technology will be used massively in the production of future mobile devices which sell globally.

In other news from ICON, it has also acquired another partnership, this time with a social media platform, LINEPLUS. The platform has over 200 million users average every month from across the world. The platform is also a co-founder of ‘Unchain’ and is working on building LINE’s blockchain network. The collaboration with ICON will help Unchain to come up with different DApp services, at the same time creating synergies, therefore, expanding the blockchain ecosystem.

The current technical director for ICON, H.K. Lee has been appointed as the CEO of Unchain. Lee has tremendous experience in blockchain technology as well as artificial intelligence. He is the one in charge of reviewing and developing DApp teams that desire to partner with ICON.

Unchain is going to develop blockchain ecosystem that is backed by a token economy which will reward its users for the contributions they make to the network. It is expected that DAapp services by ICON will be integrated into the blockchain. Unchain aims at taking decentralization to a whole new level while making blockchain a part of people’s daily lives. This project is also taking ICON (ICX) close to its mission of achieving “Hyperconnectivity.”

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