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As the entire world awaits the big news of the crypto town, TRON (TRX) main net launch which will make it an independent, public blockchain with no association with Ethereum’s blockchain after the successful launch. This phenomenal upgrade is scheduled on the last day of this very month followed by a token migration on June 25th, right after the testing and settlement of main net. The migration will allow TRX tokens identity, eliminating ERC-20 tokens usage or dependency anymore.

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON had started an early countdown for this huge event which saw a lot of positive response from the community and beyond. They witnessed a never before number of new tie-ups and listings from various exchanges across the globe with more than 6 listings within a week. Another boost for the team is the extended support from the exchanges for the network upgrade and the token migration not just on the launch day but throughout till the end. More than 10 exchanges have announced their support for TRON (TRX) including the leader, Binance and various others have continued to express their help to date.


The team has been very regular in keeping the community updated with the happenings in and around their project and a letter addressing the entire community was recently posted that was authorized by Justin Sun himself. The letter revealed all the necessary details and the entire process of upgradation and migration and their schedule throughout the launch. What is an addition to the plan that was not announced earlier is the release of a virtual machine just 6 days prior the actual net release.

He notified that TronVM v.0.1 will be launched on the 25th of this month as he expressed how exciting this month and the entire journey to date has been for him and his entire team. This release will ensure all the dAPPs that were built initially on the Tron platform based on Ethereum can seamlessly migrate their projects. Developers can use adapters to migrate smoothly without any congestion from Ethereum projects to Tron. Such machine is built to serve as a run-time environment for smart contracts and they automatically carry out the necessary transaction on the blockchain. Additionally, they had also announced a reward program for the developer’s community, for the ones who shift from Ethereum to Tron.

Tron Foundation tweeted the update of the schedule earlier today:

“TronVM v.0.1 will be launched on May 25. This version will be fully compatible with the Ethereum VM. All Ethereum developers will be able to use an adapter to migrate seamlessly from Ethereum dApp projects to #TRON . We will offer a reward program, stay tuned!”

The team is hoping for a smooth and hassle-free installation of the new networks and tokenization with extensive support from all around. The exchanges have clearly stated that they will take care of the token shifting and ensure that users do not have to face any kind on inconvenience during or after the migration. All transactions and transfers will be done automatically by the exchanges along with Tron’s team. It looks like there is no looking back for them now.

MichaelM, a Tron enthusiast says:

“This is a reward for TRON holders. Don’t you get It? It will help significantly with the price.”

Suman Saha, a Twitterati says:

“Excellent! Go ahead for the bright future of.”

Ady, a speculator tweeted:

“Tron your moving the world in to a new direction.”

Trader Afrique, a crypto enthusiast says:

“If I was Ethereum, this tweet would make me seriously uncomfortable. Go”

All these activities had definitely affected TRX and its market behaviour very positively a few days ago with the prices shooting up like there is no tomorrow. As a reflection, the number of TRX holders crossed 1 million which sure is absolutely commendable. However, the market has not been very positive since the last few days with some serious price damages which includes Tron TRX in the list. TRX is currently trading at $0.066 after falling from a high value, $0.08 that it stood at for a long time. The overall week’s performance looks negative with 23.71% dip albeit a very slight green figure observed since the last hour. TRON (TRX) still stands at the 10th position as it is not the sole coin to be blamed for a negative slide in the market.

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