Reasons Why Coinbase Will Answer Tron (TRX) Ahead Of Ripple (XRP)

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Grading exchanges, Coinbase is atop and indispensable among its contemporaries around the world. Coinbase is a place where all coins want to feature. Some even went further to use Coinbase listing as a criteria for evaluating the sophistication and usability of all digital coins around the world.

Not to be deceptive, the ability and feature of the exchange is undoubtedly profound, giving it multiple growing recognition around the world. No wonder Ripple sees getting listed on the platform as a do or die affair, and the blockchain company was alleged of tipping and proposing bribe to the American based Exchange Company.

While the hope of Ripple and its fans gets continuously dashed, there has been speculation around the cryptospace that Coinbase may soon be adding Tron (TRX) to its platform for trading.

The speculation is not the first of its kind, as the cryptoworld is inundated with series of speculation like the stock market. Earlier, a massive speculation rouse to the world that Coinbase will soon be adding Ripple (XRP) to its platform, and this skyrocketed the price of the altcoin in the market before the exchange debased the news.

Below are some basic extracted facts on why Tron will soon get listed on the almighty Coinbase


  1. Coinbase Wants More Trading

Among the criteria used in ranking exchanges around the world lies total market cap, and this can be influenced by the amount of trade executed. Surely, all exchange will want to be at the top, trying to boost its trade with reputable coins in the market. Evident of why Coinbase is silently preparing to increase its trade in the market.

In this view, Coinbase may be looking forward to acquire a cheaper altcoin, with high volume and much recognition in the market like Tron (TRX).

  1. Tron To Get A Base In San Francisco

Proximity sometimes has effect on relationship. While the headquarter of Coinbase is situated in San Francisco, if Tron is able to get an office within the enclave, it may boost the possibility of getting listed on Coinbase.

Making the story interesting, Justin Sun confirmed that the altcoin will soon site an office in the county as a reply to a tweet by CRYPTO REAPER, who asked if they are coming to San Francisco.

“Yes! We are coming! #TRX #TRON $TRX,” Justin Sun tweeted.

  1. The Feng Li Connection

Many have weighed in on the stirring rumour that Feng Li who is an early investor of Tron is also part of the first investors in Coinbase. Analyst opined that if such statement comes out to be truth, with the power of Feng Li in the exchange, Tron will surely seize the opportunity as a golden ticket to being peddled into exchange.

A tweet shared by CRYPTO REAPER also confirmed the rumour.

“Tron will be listed on @coinbase before the end of 2018… a MASSIVELY profitable endeavor for both parties. Feng Li (One of Tron’s early investors) happens to be the FIRST investor in Coinbase.”

A tweet by Litecoin insider also acknowledge the gossip.

“Tron’s earliest investors is Feng Li, who led the very first capital investment in Coinbase with $100,000 in seed funding. Its highly likely to be listed on coinbase, after main net.”

While there as still no authoritative confirmation on the speculation of Tron getting added to Coinbase, the conjecture is likely going to skyrocket the growing altcoin, Tron (TRX) in the market.


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