ProChain (PRA) the Blue Ocean King: Killing Giants in Digital Advertising

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ProChain (PRA) is a relatively new in the marketing and is fighting against giants in the advertising industry. Getting a slice in the competitive advertising sector has never been easy but this blockchain based outfit is doing it in style.

The digital advertising space has always been dominated by giants like Facebook and Google. However, the sector lacks transparency and that is where ProChain comes in. the digital ad space is worth more than $trillion with several pain points that only the blockchain technology can resolve.

Why ProChain (PRA)

One of the biggest wins that ProChain is targeting is to help the digital advertising stake holders to reduce their marketing bill and bring sanity to thee sector through a robust abs effective system. Modern day marketing is ripe for a modern disruptive advertising network that is focused on the consumer.

Since 2012 ProChain (PRA) developer team has been working behind the scenes to come up with a blockchain based platform that will add more value in the digital advertising landscape. Advertisers and other stake holders are interested in getting the best out of their investment

The launch of ProChain means better and affordable digital advertising services in the market. This will also awaken the traditional service providers to up their game and give the consumer value for their money. Based on the Ethereum ecosystem, the network is an ERC20 standard that uses smart contracts.

ProChain uses their native PRA coin as a standard token to pay for services on the platform. As an advertiser, you can only use the coin to access services from the network. Tasks are priced differently on the protocols SDK publisher and users are rewarded with new created token for completing different network tasks.

How ProChain (PRA) is changing the Digital Advertising Space

In any form of online advertising, data segmentation is very important and the current systems have failed to this front miserably. The consumer, who is the traffic drivers in the industry, does not benefit and instead their privacy is exposed to abuse. With ProChain, your data cannot be shared with a third party without your consent which is a plus in the blue ocean industry.

ProChain is set to allow more users participate in the digital advertising process. These will in the long run enable them enjoy the benefits of value transfer in the industry. With the current monopoly, the industry players still use middlemen and other agencies to inflate the advertising bill.

Content creators will greatly benefit from the ProChain advertising model by decentralizing the industry. With ProChain users can deploy applications that do not charge the advertiser exorbitant fees. It will enable Blockchain based distributed media and DApps showcase their ads while taking control of advertising frequency. With ProChain, small and large advertising clients are classed on a level playing ground.

ProChain (PRA) Blue Ocean Sector Price Performance

With the cutting edge competition in the blue ocean industry, ProChain had rocked the cryptocurrency industry and the PRA coin performance is worth noting. Since the market crash early January, the coin is recovering relatively well and is set to hit an all-time high in the coming months.

At the time of writing, the coin was trading at $0.609815 after recording 27.68% against the dollar, 33.16% to BTC and 31.80% against ETH. These gains are a true reflection on how the coin is gaining popularity in the industry and the support they are getting through the partner exchanges

The PRA coin is experiencing a noticeable surge and this is expected to hold for the better part of the year and should be on your watch list. This is a long term investment opportunity that any investors should take advantage of. The coin is set to hit the $1 mark bet end of July and early adoption is the only way to get a pie of this giant killer in the digital advertising industry.


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