NULS Coin ofering the most convenient blockchain for DApps

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Meet the cryptocurrency network that is offering business enterprises the chance to improve their credibility by having their Decentralized Applications (DApps) deployed on to the blockchain. NULS Coin main goal is to offer the best platform for business owner to develop and distribute decentralized DApps so that they can make more money. It is a step ahead of most of the other cryptocurrencies in offering a more flexible and convenient blockchain network for its users.

How does NULS Coin work?

The NULS blockchain network has side chains which make it more convenient for developers to develop and deploy Dapps.

The blockchain architecture is divided into three layers: the chain layer, module layer and the logic layer.

The chain layer is concerned with cross linking the different side chains. It uses the cross-chain consensus module to ensure that the nodes across the different side chains are connected so that developers can be able to run different applications. The developers can also choose the exact modules that will enable them to customize different nodes.

The module layer is where the Dapps developers and open source community can restructure the default NULS modules: ledger, account, storage, network and consensus modules. The customized modules are then stored in the module repository of the NULS blockchain.

The logic layer is the most important layer for the end users! It is where the magic happens! It contains the smart contracts. Each smart contract is tailored to do a specific task. Using the NULS smart contracts, users have the privilege to logistics of their business entities without the need of having programming skills. The user only gives the NULS processor his/her logic and then leave the system to build it into a decentralized application.

NULS blockchain network uses the Proof of Credit consensus mechanism.

Why choose NULS Coin for your Dapps?

One of the main reasons why Business enterprises are turning to NULS is as a result of the ease of deploying Dapps. Contrary to most blockchain networks where the users have to go through a tedious programming process of coming up with a DApp, in NULS, the user only provides the logics of the DApp that he/she wants and the system realigns the logics for him/her into a decentralized environment.

NULS Coin is also very flexible. This is because all the modules of NUL are replaceable meaning developers can alter them to fit their needs. Therefore, enterprises can rearrange the modules into suitable application modules to help them deploy their DApps.

Also, according to their Roadmap, they should be releasing their mainnet this May. They have also scheduled to release their PC and mobile wallets in the same month.

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