SONM (SNM): Providing Stress Free Web Hosting

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With more and more coin entering the crypto-sphere, the rate of adoption is shifting to the system usability and whether the coin spendable or not. SONM (SNM) offers these solutions with the simplicity it deserves. Everyone seems to be crypto-aware and they are not buying into any system or application blindly.

SONM (SNM) is an acronym that stands for Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining and it has various use cases. As a blockchain based supercomputer, the network comes at a time when there is a huge demand for intricate computing and page hosting.

The key purpose of SONM is to address a universal problem that can only be resolved by a hosting system that is distributed. Cost efficiency is what is driving the system since it rides on a fog infrastructure powered by the internet. Unlike other cloud based applications, SONM does not charge any fees.

How Does SONM (SNM) Work?

Simply put, SONM is a cloud based peer-to-peer application but on the Ethereum smart contracts. It is distributed through its native SNM coin which is tradable and you can exchange is through select partner exchanges across the globe.

The system does not rely on external computing resources and will soon become the better option. With zero fees, as an internet user you can participate in the network, rent out your computing power, get rewarded with newly created SNM coins.

If you have been searching for a platform that you can host your websites, online gaming or becoming a computing power provider, SONM has you covered. With the project development still on course, you will be able to access a wide range of computer and video graphics.

Response for SONM (SNM) in the Market

With the huge opportunity in webhosting, computer and video graphics, the value of the SNM coin has the potential to grow in a very short time. This is an online server that has free tools to host your website and in turn monetize it. However, like any other Altcoin in the market, the price is a critical aspect that you need to focus on.

SNM is currently trading at $0.354800 after moderate gains of 27.82% to the dollar, 26.55% against the Bitcoin and 25.50 to Ethereum. The price has been on the rise for the last 7 days and the general recovery in the market is a clear indicator that the coin will hit the $1 in July and climb to the $2.5 by the end of the year.

SONM (SNM) Route to Market

The coin stability and appealing nature of the sector it is playing and the solutions it is set to offer has enticed the right kind of exchanges. These will give the coin the global appeal it desperately needs for fast adoption.

SONM (SNM) has been listed on Binance, Tidex, Liqui, KuCoin, HitBTC and OKEx among other exchanges of repute. It has also attracted a wide range of pairing that includes BTC, ETH, SDT and WAVES among other major cryptocurrencies. At the moment it is not paired with fiat money and you have to convert to other coins first.

With this kind of exposure, it is easy to see the popularity and adoption potential of the coin. The price will not stay under $1 for long and once the whales, that will be the SNM breakout and getting hold of the coin will become dear.

With the demand for cloud hosting at a low or no fee, the growth and value addition of the SNM coin will be based on the mass adoption.  However, when you look at the average daily volumes being moved in the market, it is no brainer that this is the best entry point to adopt the coin and run with it to the next level.


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