Sirin Labs releases details of the Finney smart phone – Is the SRN token about to blow up?

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Yesterday, Sirin labs revealed features of its Finney blockchain device that it’s about to release to the market.  Going by most of the features that they have unveiled, there is good reason to be excited about the Sirin labs (SRN) token. Some of the features that they have unveiled include a 6-inch screen, and an oil-free coat.

It also has a number of other features that other phone manufacturers are yet to develop. For instance, it has an in-display fingerprint sensor. This is a feature that the rest of the smart phone industry is currently working on, which puts Finney way ahead of the curve. Then of course there is the fact that the upcoming phone is the first blockchain phone, one that comes with a cold wallet and a secure access to crypto exchanges.

If previous smart phone trends are anything to go by, then this phone could be a major hit in the market.  One of the features that have driven smart phone trends in the past is design. It’s part of what has pushed the iPhone and the different lines of Samsung up to this point. On this front, the upcoming Finney phone has what it takes to become a best seller. Some of its design features such as the 6-inch screen, and the Snapdragon 845 processor (the most powerful in the world) are guaranteed to push up the sales of this phone, once it hits the market.

Another feature that has the guarantee to propel the sales of this phone once it hits the market is its secure access to the crypto markets.  After a series of hacks in crypto, investors are increasingly cautious about security.  As such, the fact that this phone is coming with a cold storage wallet for different cryptocurrencies will see crypto investors make a run for it, once it hits the market.  This could actually be the best selling smart phone, and could rival the likes of the iPhone in terms of sales.

Impact of Finney on the Siren Labs (SRN) token

You are probably wondering about the connection between this wonderful phone and the value of the Siren Labs token, right? Well, Siren Labs will use this token as the currency for selling the Finney smart phone.  The company intends to give a 10% discount to everyone that makes use of this token to purchase the phone.  In essence, as more people buy this phone, the value of the Siren Labs token will grow.

If this phone get an adoption as big as that of the iPhone, then the Siren Labs token (SRN) could emerge as one of the best performing cryptos in the market. The only reason why it is yet to blow up, is because the phone has not yet hit the market. This could be a gem waiting to take off. It’s like getting into Apple just before the iPhone hit the market.

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