OmiseGo (OMG) is Going Up While Updating the Roadmap

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OmiseGo (OMG), ranked as the 19th-best token on the global coin  ranking list, due to its market cap, seems to be doing more than well as it can be easily spotted that OMG is trading up against the dollar although now that the majority of currencies are going up after trading in the red for a couple of days. In addition to trading in the green, OmiseGo has also tweeted about the official update of their roadmap. The initial tweet was posted two days ago, on May 8th. Due to the latest confusion about what the team behind OMG is working 0n, the team decided to clarify all points of their roadmap, stressing out all the projects, including those in progress, projects that are finished, and those projects that the team is yet to start working on.

OmiseGo Updates Its Roadmap

OmiseGo (OMG) representatives announced to the public via their official Twitter page, two days ago on May 8th, that they have launched an update on their roadmap in order to clear all points that might be confusing to investors and holders.

The roadmap update is available on their official network, where the team has also made a schematic reproduction of the initial roadmap, stressing out the projects that are already done with, and going towards the milestones with projects that are in progress and finally listing the projects that are yet to be worked on in the future quarters, as shown in the schematic reproduction.

The team has stressed out that they have completed the first and initial OMG Token Sale, followed with an Airdrop that is also considered to be a completed milestone. In the terms of working on blockchain scalability, the roadmap shows that the team has completed their first scalability-related milestone by completing Plasma MVP.

As far as the application interface concerned, OmiseGo has developed Wallet SDK Alpha and Wallet SDK Beta version, which makes up for two more completed milestones in the roadmap of OMG.

In the terms of building superb scalability on OMG network that is currently resting on Ethereum’s chains, OMG team is working on Plasma Cash and Plasma, making the two more projects the dev team is currently working on.

The Application Interface is also no exception as the dev team is working on Wallet SDK Release, which would make the final version of their current wallet, while this project would be followed up by the next milestone Cash In/Out, which is also marked with the status of Work-in-Progress.

As far as the decentralized exchange concerned, the team has marked this part of the map with two milestones, Tendermint DEx and Cosmos DEx, however, both milestones have been marked as Diverted by far, which is, as per the latest roadmap update, the final status on OMG project development.

All of these milestones, while being completed one by one, should contribute to building the infrastructure of Scalable PoS Blockchain and DEx.

OmiseGo (OMG) and the Market

Now that the market is finally showing signs of trading in the green with the majority of coins going up against the dollar, OmiseGo is also going up while following the trend while trading in the green to the delight of OMG holders.

The market has been acting a bit sluggish for the past couple of days, however, the majority of currencies in the market had a pretty benevolent period in April, and OMG wasn’t an exception either.

That is how, in the period of last 30 days, OmiseGo managed to collect a set of gains of 76% against the dollar in April.

However, the token did slower during the course of 60 days as March was marked with the latest market dip that lasted for two months, so OmiseGo has only collected 19% of rises during the course of the last 60 days.

In addition to trading in the green during the most of April, OMG has been doing great in the last 24 hours as well, however, it didn’t do particularly well on the weekly basis as it went down trading in the red, while dropping for -6.2% against the dollar.

Following the latest change in its price while stubbornly going against the market trend, which means that OmiseGo is trading in the green against the dollar, going up by 3.77% in the last 24 hours.

Although OMG is going up against the dollar, it is going down when compared to Ethereum, which means that ETH is doing 1.36% better than OMG tokens at the moment. With the latest change in the market, OmiseGo (OMG) can be purchased at the price of 16.21$.



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