Is XinFin (XDCE) the next big thing in crypto than Ethereum and Ripple?

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Crypto investors are slowly coming to the realization that the market is changing. In 2017, the entire market was booming and it didn’t take any skill to make money. You could buy literally anything with the world blockchain on it, and make money.  This year, things are a little bit different. To make money in crypto today, you need to do a little bit of research, and invest in cryptos that have some fundamental value to them.

From a fundamentals perspective, one of the coins that has a good chance to take off this year is XinFin (XDCE).  This relatively new crypto is technically superior to some of the most popular infrastructure projects in the market, and that should give you an idea of its future.Just to give you an idea of how powerful XinFin (XDCE) let’s look at how it compares to Ethereum, the second largest crypto by market cap.

XinFin is way ahead of Ethereum

The greatest sources of value for Ethereum is the development of smart contracts. However, there is one major drawback to the Ethereum blockchain, and that’s the fact that it is a public blockchain. While this sounds like a great thing for transparency in a decentralized environment, very few corporations would be willing to create smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. That’s because doing so; would lay all their confidential information bare to the public, and that’s not good for business. In essence, Ethereum may be the second largest crypto in the world, but it is somewhat handicapped in terms of attracting large corporate players looking to make use of blockchain technology. On this front, XinFin is way ahead of Ethereum, and is well positioned for use by institutional players. XinFin is a hybrid blockchain, which means transactions are private but are verified on the immutable public blockchain. Through its permissioned decentralized network, institutional players can create smart contracts, without any worries that commercially sensitive information might get compromised.

XinFin way better than Ripple

But it’s not Ethereum that XinFin (XDCE) dwarfs in capabilities. It is also way better that Ripple, the third largest cryptocurrency.  How is that? Well, when you compare the two in terms of speeds, they compare quite favorably, since they both can do over300 transactions per second. This makes both of them quite useful in making cross-border payments. However, XinFin has one added advantage, and that’s smart contracts. Everything in Ripple is built at the application level, which means that other than cross-border payments, there is nothing much that Ripple can do.  On its part, XinFin is built on cryptography and smart contracts on the blockchain. That is why it is possible to develop conditional smart contracts on XinFin, while at the same time allowing for superfast cross-border transactions, just like Ripple. This also makes it completely decentralized unlike Ripple, which has some level of centralized control to it.

From the above, it is clear that XinFin is a great crypto for someone looking for a high value investment.  Considering that it is still undervalued, since it is yet to gain major market recognition, getting in now could offer good long-term returns. It’s like investing in bitcoin in its early years.



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