Here is how Tron TRX has fuelled its engine to accelerate on the big day

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Tron TRX is all busy with its biggest events so far coming closer day by day, building up anticipation and excitement in its supporters. The Main Net is set to launch on May 31st and will end by June 26th when the migration of ERC20 tokens to TRX public blockchain will happen. Right after that, on 27th the first Super Representative Election will be held with 27 SR’s.

Probably the entire market is awaiting these mega events and there will not even be a handful of speculators who are not aware of this especially with Tron’s founder, Justin Sun constantly posting and keeping the community active and regularly updated. The latest news declared an Odyssey-v1.0.6 release on github associating the main net update.

HarryTheCryptoMaster, a Tron TRX enthusiast tweeted:

“Fantastic!! Multi-thread parallel verification/signature module,significantly enhancing overall TPS.”

Aye bkz, another Twitterati says:

“Im soo excited!!! for TRX mainnet, this will change soooooo much. Will take a while for the public to hop on board.”

Many of the major exchange platforms have come forward to support the migration of tokens along with the main net with the list including Bitfinex, Bittrex, the latest being Zebpay to name a few from the list. Numerous trading platforms were also witnessed adding TRX to their platforms awaiting the mega launch right from Binance to CoinTiger and many, many more. Tron is one of the coins to have been listed on maximum platforms within the shortest notice period in the market.

Coming to the market transactions and price performance of TRX, it has been fickle surely but has managed to remain in the top 15 throughout the month. Jumping between 9th, 10th and 11th rank constantly, TRX is now stable at the 10th position as seen at the time of writing. The current trading value of TRX is $0.082 after an observed dip of 7.88% on an average for the week. It is slowly gaining momentum again with very minor gains since yesterday and is now worth a market cap of $5.4 billion.

The Super Representative elections has also seen an overwhelming response from across the globe with almost 50 participants including Antpool, Read token and many more. This is supposed to be the master node of the main net after which Tron TRX will be independent with its own public blockchain and token and no longer be referred to with ERC20 or Ethereum blockchain. Apart from these huge events, Tron has always been part of donations campaigns more than once and as Justin recently announced, a loan to support developers in the community up to $100,000.

His recent tweet regarding the same stated:

“The first 100K reward for TRONLOAN, TRON vault cold wallet was out, you can download and use it now, we welcome more ambitious and excellent team join us and make contributions to TRON ecosystem.”


Justin Sun and his entire team has been working without a break as it looks for an outsider with constant efforts to push their project and company ahead in terms of every possible aspect and to stand out in the market emerging as an achiever ranked the highest. Their desperate need to quench their thirst with success and true dedication has been all worthy with massive support and response even prior to the actual launch. An added advantage is the ever encouraging and loyal fan base or rather supporters which is more than 400K on the founder’s twitter handle alone. There is no setback for the team now to accomplish their goals.

Tron TRX supporters have been sticking to it even during the worst market crashes leading to losses, that’s how strong the support system is and every post or announcement of there is flooded with comments and responses in all possible ways.

Aby Hernandez, a Twitterati says:

“Bravo! Go Tron Go”


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