Stellar (XLM) Makes a Move with Smartlands’ Wallet

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Stellar Lumens (XLM) has been doing pretty well in the market while smoothly gathering rises during the “safe” period when the majority of coins and tokens were going up against the dollar. A great portion of those rises could easily be contributed to the most recently announced partnership with Smartlands, which is considered to be one of the most significant partnerships that Stellar has ever acquired. Since then, April didn’t only come as true refreshment for Stellar because the market was more in favor of the green zone, but also because Smartlands and Stellar made a pretty significant move during April, announcing the mentioned changes via the official XLM Twitter account on May 7th. Let’s see what this partnership brought up to the blockchain community.

Stellar and Smartlands: Introducing a New Stellar-Based Wallet

The partnership that Stellar (XLM) has recently acquired is pretty significant for XLM’s further exposure and development, if not crucial in a portion, given the fact that Smartlands stand for a platform specialized in promoting blockchain-based business economy where users can use blockchain technology to easily tokenize their real-life economy assets by transforming them into digital assets.

With the tweet posted by Stellar Lumens official Twitter account, XLM representatives shared the latest April newsletter that was posted yesterday on Smartlands’ official web address,

In the mentioned newsletter, Smartlands team claims to be happy to announce that they have made an amazing move in April, which was brought up with collaboration with Stellar Lumens.

Further, in the newsletter, you can read everything about their new project – Stellar-based Wallet, called Smartlands Wallet.

Smartlands dev team is directly involved in designing this digital wallet with the idea of having an XLM-based wallet that would enable all users to easily trade with Stellar on Stellar Decentralized Exchange.

The main idea behind this project was to create an extremely functional wallet that is more secure and more user-friendly in all aspects while making XLM units even more accessible, safer and easily tradable with direct Stellar Decentralized Exchange.
Smartlands added that they have achieved another milestone on their roadmap by working on this wallet and creating an extremely intuitive interface that is in all way extremely functional and user-friendly.

The main features of the new wallet are focused on promoting high scalability while offering a safe, secure, user-friendly and functional environment for XLM while also maximizing transaction speed, which is needless to say an amazing addition.

It is obvious that the partnership with Smartlands did well for XLM as Stellar will now gain more on accessibility, consequently gaining more on its popularity which is clearly visible in the progress XLM made in the market for the past 30 days.

While Stellar (XLM) was doing solidly in the market collecting 23% of rises during the course of two months, XLM has managed to collect a set of rises that went as up to 89% in the course of the last 30 days.

Since the partnership between Smartlands and Stellar is considered to be very important, both for Stellar and Smartlands, it can be easily concluded that this partnership, in a portion, had something to do with Stellar’s great progress in the market in April.

Ranked as the 8th-best currency with 7.1 billion dollars in market capitalization, Stellar XLM can certainly be seen trending up additionally with the latest Wallet powered by Smartlands intuitive interface.

Stellar and the Market

The total loss of Stellar in the market went to -9.9% against the dollar during the course of seven days. This is actually not a strange case, as there are rarely any coins during the past 3 days, lucky enough to be seen trading in the green.

Since the market is going down while trading in the red with the latest market trend, Stellar is also going down against the dollar.

In the course of the last 24 hours, XLM has dropped against the dollar by -2.54% while trading in the red in oppose to this fiat currency. In addition to going down against the dollar, XLM is also going down against BTC by -0.76%.

Following the latest change in the market, Stellar can now be traded at the price of 0.38$ per one unit with having 0.40$ per one XLM unit as its best price during the course of the last 24 hours.

Stellar has made its all-time high of 0.80$ per one unit back at the beginning of January 2018, however, with the most recently acquired partnership and due to the latest addition in form of a functional and secure wallet, Stellar (XLM) can easily be seen getting back to its all-time high in the following months based on the level of its liquidity.



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