How OPEN Helps Developers Spearhead Mainstream Blockchain Adoption

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Blockchain technology has long since been praised as being the most innovative development since the internet itself. Despite the many benefits blockchain has over centralized databases, mainstream adoption of this technology continues to be lukewarm. Instead of embracing blockchain technology and looking at ways to integrate it into various spheres of society, many developers have been hesitant to integrate blockchain technology into their software and applications.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons for thiswait-and-see approachto blockchain technology has to do with the learning curve associated with programming decentralized applications (DApps) and writing smart contracts. Only developers who specialize in working on blockchain platforms have experience working with blockchain programming languages like Solidity, Serpent, and LLL. This creates a barrier to entry in the industry by requiring developers to learn the ins-and-outs of blockchain technology just to use its services.

Demystifying Blockchain Technology Leads to Global Adoption

As crypto projects continue to gain more attention, there’s a growing demand for promoting wide-scale adoption of blockchain-driven software and DApps. And to meet this demand, more projects are starting to work to make blockchain development more inclusive by reducing the learning curve required to work with blockchain technology.

One of the reasons why Ethereum has been one of the most popular blockchain platforms is due to its accessibility. The presence of ConsenSys, Ethereum’s development community and production studio, is a global network of entrepreneurs and developers working together to create developer tools needed to write enterprise solutions, DApps, and various other programs for blockchain ecosystems. As a result, this platform makes it easier for beginner developers to familiarize themselves with the Ethereum blockchain.

OPEN has also come up with an innovative solution to promote mainstream adoption: an intuitive approach to blockchain development. OPEN is currently building a developer infrastructure geared towards the mainstream developer who doesn’t specialize solely in writing blockchain applications. The goal is to grow the blockchain development community and build more blockchain-driven applications, so that more people are able to benefit from the secure and immutable nature blockchain transactions. OPEN Platform allows developers to take advantage of smart contracts and integrate OPEN’s payment-processing solution into applications with a few lines of simple code, completely removing the need for programmers to master Solidity and other blockchain languages. Moreover, OPEN’s functions have been carefully designed to be accessible to all customers – not just those who’re familiar with performing crypto transactions.

Blockchain adoption starts with incentivization, which is why OPEN is committed to demystifying blockchain technology so that developers and users everywhere become comfortable using DApps and other blockchain services. One way OPEN achieves this is through incentivization, where they will recycle the network fee back into the developer pool to reward skilled developers and recruit new talent. Similar to ConsenSys, this ensures growth of the community and network of OPEN enabled applications.

Learn more about the OPEN Platform and how it can be integrated into your new and existing apps by visiting OPEN’s website today. You can also join their Telegram, and Discord communities to learn groundbreaking news as it happens.



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