Ontology (ONT) is Doing Great: Here’s Why

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While we can see the market clearly plummeting, Ontology (ONT) is refusing to take on the latest trend in the market, which means ONT makes up for one of the rare top coins that are currently being traded in the green. However, there is more up to this case than sheer luck. So, let’s see what the top reasons for having Ontology trade as one of the rare coins that are doing great even despite the negative market trend are.

Ontology Gets a New Listing

One of the greatest things that always go by inertia while affecting a certain coin to sky-rocket to the moon is having the mentioned coin listed on a new exchange. That is precisely what happened to Ontology (ONT) as it just got listed on Upbit.

The Upbit listing came in the late March of 2018 when the majority of currencies were going down by following the active trend of having a long market crash, which made ONT gain some exposure while consequently collecting gains in the market.

On May 2nd of 2018, Upbit announced via their official Twitter account that they will be giving out additional ONT units to all ONT holders that, in the time of taking snapshots, have their Ontology coins kept safely on their account. Maximum payouts on weekly basis go from 1000 ONT to 125.000 ONT units.

Ontology got this listing just at the right time, which made it stubbornly go against the market trend while collecting some gains even though the market crash was still active at the time.

Ontology (ONT) Gets a New Partnership

ONT has got a new partnership when Ontology and NAGA decided to officially seal the deal by partnering up and announcing their partnership on May 3rd, a couple of days ago.

In the official statement, both parties have stated that they are partnering up with the purpose of having massive changes that will most certainly affect ONT positively. NAGA representatives have further added on the matter of this partnership, that they will be working on creating something utterly significant and powerful.

With this partnership, it is considered that Ontology will be working on the further introduction of public blockchain networks along with proposing smart contract systems, while also working on distributed ledgers for financial and financial technologies industry.

Together with NAGA, Ontology (ONT) and its team should also change the way business works by introducing the community to incubation projects, different blockchain campaigns and testing the way decentralized applications in the blockchain-based environment are working for business purposes.

Ontology and SmartX

Maybe one of the greatest additions to Ontology is the latest project that they have successfully launched. SmartX, which is the name of the mentioned project, actually represents the tools for operating smart contracts.

SmartX is made in a way that allows all users to operate with smart contracts with all the noted issues resolved by the team behind Ontology. Since many users often find smart contracts difficult to use and operate with, the ONT team has made their smart contract tools in a way that allows all users to easily and with minimal effort operate with smart contracts that are made to be customizable for the sake of better functionality.

At the moment, SmartX smart contract toolset uses C# and Python, but it is stated that the ONT team will be adding Java and JavaScript along with several other programming languages to the existing list of the enabled languages supported by SmartX.

By making their smart contracts extremely easy and simple to use, the ONT team has made sure that Ontology is also doing great in the market while its price is rising up in accordance with its popularity and technological capabilities.

Ontology and the Market

Ontology (ONT) has been doing more than great during the past month, as ONT has managed to acquire a total of 210% of gains in the course of only 30 days, which means that Ontology makes up for one of the fastest growing coins in April.

In addition to this set of gains, ONT has acquired a rise of 140% in the last two weeks while it traded up to 3.7% against the dollar during the last week.

Following the most recent change in the market, it is pretty refreshing to see that ONT is trading in the green although the rest of the market is following the latest market trend, which means that the majority of coins, including the great portion of top coins, are going down against the dollar.

Ontology refused to follow up with the trend of trading in the red, so we can see it today on May 7th as it is being traded up against the dollar for 7.91%, which means that ONT makes up for one of the rare coins trading up against this fiat currency.

In addition to this rise, ONT is also rising against BTC for 10%, while it is going up against NEO for over 11%, which means that Ontology (ONT) is currently doing better in the market than the two mentioned coins.

After the latest change, ONT can be purchased at the price of 9.67$ per one unit.


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