Here Is Why Ripple Don’t Need Coinbase to Add XRP To SkyRocket

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Ripple XRP, as the third biggest coin according to its market capitalization, has been doing pretty great in the market, especially during the month of April when the market demand went on with dictating the trend of having the majority of currencies bouncing off against the dollar. In the last 30 days, Ripple has managed to collect gains in a total of 73% against the dollar, however, it started to trade in the red in the last couple of days with having been lost only -0.93% against the dollar in the last two weeks. But, what we are more interested in when it comes to new pro-exposure moves of the XRP team is the fact that the team is heading towards a massive acceptance of new listings. That way, Ripple is showing that they might not need Coinbase to add XRP in order for this currency to thrive.

Ripple and BitPanda

Although Ripple XRP has been refused the listing from Coinbase even beside the fact that Coinbase along with another major exchange market refused a multi-million dollar offer for XRP in exchange for the listing on these tw0o exchange platforms.

Ripple was once again refused by Coinbase even despite a tempting offer, which made XRP holders and fans verbally rebel against this decision. However, it seems that Ripple doesn’t need the listing anyways as it is doing pretty well on the global level while it is being added to several exchange markets.

That is how Ripple has just started to trade in BitPanda where this currency got listed. The website now makes up for another market that promotes XRP, allowing their users to directly trade with Ripple on their exchange platform. That way, Ripple has got more than another listing as BitPanda made it more available for investors, widening the circle of XRP holders and investors.

Besides from the recently added Ripple, BitPanda has five more currencies listed on their exchange, including Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

Ripple and Uphold

It seems that Ripple is collecting another victory with another listing. This time, XRP is getting listed on Uphold.

Uphold is a digital wallet app that allows its users to take advantage of the capacity of this exchange. This is the fact as Uphold offers credit, debit and clearing potential, so users can choose between these three options.

With this listing, Uphold has now enabled for all its users to buy XRP units directly from their platform, which is a huge deal for XRP as there won’t be any hidden steps towards acquiring the wanted amount of Ripple units.

Besides from Ripple, Uphold has six more listed digital assets while also having four precious metals and twenty-three more fiat values to trade with.

Uphold has made Ripple available for all their users in the US.

Ripple Can Now be Purchased in India

Thanks to BitBns, Ripple can now be directly purchased on this exchange where it has become available after the flash sale this Indian-based exchange market.

The only thing needed in order to be able to buy Ripple in India is to provide identification and make an account on BitBns. This exchange market has decided to add XRP to their existing list of trading coins as they have concluded based on market analysis that Ripple makes up for the fastest growing coin in the course of a single year as it has risen up for around 750% against the dollar, which is 35 times faster than the growth rate of the first coin, Bitcoin.

Binance Adds Ripple/Tether Pair

To make the road towards global acceptance and mass adoption even more appealing to the XRP targeted audience a lot easier for XRP, the team behind Ripple (XRP) has took another step forward when Binance added XRP/USTD pair on their exchange.

That means that people will now be able to directly exchange USTD with XRP units, although the Redditors would have loved to see Ripple enabled to be purchased directly with USD on this market exchange.

Ripple and the Market

Although it was originally predicted that Ripple was going to hit the price of 1$ per one XRP, this currency started to drop against the dollar while trading in the red as per the latest trend in the market.

As the majority of coins are dropping once again, Ripple has gone down for -5.36% against the dollar, while it is currently dropping against BTC for -1.22% against this digital currency.

Following the latest trend in the market, XRP lost track of previous gains while trading in the red for more than 24 hours in the time of the writing on May 6th.

Ripple managed to set a record price of around 3.65$ per one unit back in January 2018, however, we can now see XRP trading at the value of 0.86$ per one unit.

Since Ripple (XRP) has now got three more listings, it is expected to see its trading volume rise accordingly with the increased exposure of the top-third currency in accordance with the global coin ranking list.


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