Bodhi (BOT) holders should prepare for free BOE airdrop

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With a few week after the after Bodhi (BOT) launched its Bodhi Prediction market platform on the Qtum mainnet, Bodhi has announced making its Bodhi prediction market DApp wide enough to accommodate Ethereum.

The objective of expanding the prediction market DApp is to bring as many users as possible to Bodhi network. However, it is a win win situation since the users also get a chance of making accurate crypto trading predictions using the DApp. So, as the Bodhi platform grows, the users also make more profits.

The free BOE Airdrop

You must be worried about how all this will take place and still protect BOT holders.

But that should not worry you.

First, so as to ensure that both Ethereum and Bodhi (BOT) are on the same page when it comes to managing the platform, Bodhi development team is set to issue a new token that will be based on the ERC20 rules. These new token will be denoted as BOE and it will be applicable on the Ethereum platform.

The development team will make the total supply of BOE to be equal to the BOT tokens, which is 100 million tokens.

But so as the rights of BOT holders are protected, Bodhi development team will give out the BOE as a free airdrop to all BOT holders. The BOT holders will get the BOE tokens at a ratio of 1:1. This means for 1,000 BOT Tokens, a user will get 1,000 BOE Tokens.

This free airdrop will be done through a number of platforms which have agreed to participate in the free BOE airdrop.

The BOE Token will be used exclusively as a utility token. It will only be used to give users from the Ethereum network to access Bodhi prediction market DApp platform. Therefore, the BOE will not be used in raising any additional funds to Bodhi network.

The Bodhi Foundation

Since Bodhi (BOT) Foundation currently holds 40% of the all BOT Tokens supplied, the foundation will also be part of those holders that will receive the BOE Tokens.

However, for the sake of transparency, the foundation has promised to make the addresses of both BOT and the BOE that it shall acquire public.

When will the BOE Airdrop take place

The BOE free airdrop is scheduled to take place on 1st June at 23:59 GMT+8.  This is when the accounts of all BOT holders will be credited with BOE Tokens.

Crypto Exchange platform participating in the BOE Airdrop

Below are the Crypto exchange platforms that have agreed to help Bodhi (BOT) in distributing the BOE tokens:

  • BigOne
  • Allcoin
  • LBank
  • Bibox

These means that any BOT that is held outside these exchanges will not be liable to receiving any BOE Tokens.

To ensure that you receive your BOE Tokens, you should ensure that you have deposited BOT tokens with the above named exchange platforms by latest 31st May, 2018.



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