NEO April Analysis: How Well did NEO Do?

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Currently traded as the number 11 on the global coin ranking list, NEO has been doing pretty well in April when it comes to its value and the number of the circulating coins during the last month. During this time, NEO has successfully managed to acquire a pretty flattering rebound after the latest selloff that occurred after the first bounce off that followed up the biggest market crisis in 2018. In the spirit of starting off with the month of May, let’s see how well did NEO do during the last 30 days in the market.

NEO and the Market in April

During the last 30 days, from April 6th to May 6th, which is the current date in the time of the writing, NEO has respectfully managed to acquire a significant set of 72% of rises against the dollar, which is needless to say a massive success in the market although the majority of currencies were trading up in the green for almost two weeks with the bounce off that took place at the time.

In addition to getting 72% of gains during the month of April, NEO has also had a set of gains of 9.9% against the dollar, while this currency was also trading in the green during the last seven days with gaining 8% against the dollar.

During the last twenty hours, the “Chinese Ethereum” has had its low set at the price of around 81$ per one unit, while its record price during the last 24 hours went up to around 87$ per one NEO coin.

Although the month of April was going pretty smoothly for NEO, it seems that the period for bouncing off has come to an end, as we can see NEO along with a major set of currencies trading in the red against the dollar for the last two days.

With the gains earned in April, NEO could easily acquire a flattering rate of bounce off which placed it in a favorable position in the market, especially in oppose to March and the end of February when this currency was losing a lot on its starting value at the beginning of February.

That being said, NEO has started the month of April with dealing at the price of around 45$ per one unit, while it is now being traded at the price of 82.94$ per one NEO coin.

NEO Name Service Project and the Partnerships

Neo Name Service Project has just announced sealing partnerships with Fenbushi Capital and NEO Global Capital.

With these partnerships, NEO allows its users to create “neo dot” addresses that would serve the purpose of public keys. With NNS (NEO Name Service Protocol) all users will be able to acquire addresses with .neo domains that would allow them to make transfers and transactions via these domains. The domains would then take over the job of public key addresses as users would be enabled to use these addresses as transaction locations.

This project started back in 2017, but it is now being revisited as the strategic move made by the NEO team towards sky-rocketing this currency and its technology.

NEO and the Market

After trading in the green during the most of April, NEO has been doing a great job while bouncing off, however, we can now see this currency trading in the red against the dollar.

This is the case probably due to the latest market trend as a lot of coins and tokens that were being traded in the green are now dropping against the dollar.

That is how NEO has dropped against the dollar by -3.35%, while NEO is currently also dropping against the Bitcoin for around -0.45% against this crypto, which means that BTC is currently doing slightly better in the market in oppose to NEO.

Following the latest change in the market, NEO is trading in the red against the dollar while this currency can be purchased at the price of 82.94$ per one unit.

Although this price is almost doubled in oppose to the price that NEO started to trade under in April when this currency was valued around the price of 45$ per one coin, NEO is still being traded far from its all-time high.

NEO has managed to set its record price back in January at the beginning of 2018 when this currency traded at the price of around 162$ per one NEO coin. It is expected to see a rise in the price once the news about the recent partnerships with the cause of further development of NEO Name Service Protocol.


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