Helping Hands Which Are Uplifting Verge [XVG]

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The founder of Verge [XVG], Justin Vendetta spoke in a recent interview with Ran NeuNer from CNBC about the huge deal with PornHub and the following listings while he also mentioned that supporters can expect a lot more of such similar news. Following steps of PornHub were Brazzers and MindGeek who extended hands towards Verge, leaving a long-lasting hope in its audience.

Soon, after his words to the community, Verge [XVG] has been making headlines with one after the other new partnerships and listings like CoinPayments, Abra, Bitfinex, TokenPay to name a few and the most recent being TrafficJunky and Bitbns. Bitbns is India’s fastest growing exchange which added XVG to its list very recently, spreading its wings beyond the boundaries. On the other hand, TrafficJunky which is a host to PornHub through its network of sites also announced their acceptance of Verge currency as their payment method.

Justin is clear with his vision and the entire team knows very well what their aim is and are working towards it relentlessly and unitedly. They do not step back or express worry with the competition posed by other coins in the market or any other sort of negativities.

As the founder of Verge had earlier stated:

“We try not to look at other coins as competition because really what’s good for us and good for other coins is good for crypto in general.”

The Vergefam has been expressing their desire for Verge to tie-up with Spotify and few other giants from the industry. It’s a curious wait before the Verge’s team comes up with an official statement with yet another exciting news.

XVGgirl, official XVG core team member tweeted with excitement:

“Hey Vergefam, we are excited to announce that Verge [XVG] is now listed on Bitbns, India’s fastest growing exchange. The listing marks an important step in Verge’s global expansion!”

XVG has definitely had a rough quarter and so have the other coins. Juggling between the 26th and 24th rank in the past few weeks, XVG has been doing a fairly decent job with its prices listings and market cap. Currently trading at $0.073 after a recovery from 7.5% fall from yesterday is XVG. A market cap of $1.1 billion which is in neck competition to the other few coins right on top might soon takeover a few ranks, predict some analysts according to the figures and charts. Slowly gaining momentum and doing things right according to schedule, Verge is sure to emerge as a winner very soon as the team expresses, and as the speculators expect.

Marcel Sloot, a Twitterati and Verge enthusiast says:

“VERGE XVG, is the best cryptocoin right now on the planet, First the future has cum and then the whole globe starting to notice that privacy payments come to the point of huge interest. All for Verge :)”

CryptoKaku, another Verge enthusiast tweeted:

“I don’t see why XVG, Verge currency cannot be a porn coin, a pot coin, a gambling coin, a video gaming coin, a music coin, a flicks coin, a savings coin, a retirement coin, an f’n EVERYTHING coin.”

Kris Chase, Advisor: Marketing & Communications, Verge [XVG] stated:

“Most coins are corporations who cling to the word “decentralized”. But what happens when a massive conglomerate acquires them in play for control? How much will you back them then? Verge is truly decentralized and opensource. Verge is you.”


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