XVG Beyond Sky: Verge (XVG) On A Slow But Steady Rise

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If any coin suffered carnage of attacks since the beginning of cryptocurrency era like Verge (XVG), the coin must be long buried in the soil, completely forgotten or be not among the top 100 coins. However, for Verge, there appears to be light after the tunnel.

After weeks of attacks, upside downs, and condemned partnership, Verge has started coming back to life. Quite a large number of who is who in the cryptocurrency space left their realm to dish out series of disbeliefs on the cryptocoin, forgetting that it will come back to life again.

Now, the cryptocurrency, as a show of comeback, is pulling forces to become relevant. As at the time of writing this article, XVG trades at 0.0807, and has 24hours value rise of 2.23%, and 12.01% in the last 7 days. This signals that the growth has just started.

Why Condemnations?

The beginning of the war started when Verge (XVG) was hacked, despite referring itself to be secure and anonymous. A forum post indicated that an unknown miner took over 51% of the network’s Hashrate, and stole over 250,000 XVG.

Not long after, another hack happened to Verge’s Twitter handle. While Verge levied the attack on Twitter’s inconsistency, many unsuspecting enthusiasts of the cryptocoin were tricked. Then, Verge demanded crowdfunding supports from its users to make it achieve an awesome partnership that will make it coast the crypto market. In a tweet, Verge showed that it aims to unveil a mystery partnership once it was able to receive 75 million XVG crowdfund within the slated timeframe. While the demand did not first work because many were doubting the move, thinking the account had been hacked again. Funds later came in from far and wide. After the crowdfunding, Verge received 75 million XVG within 7 days, and its market cap value skyrocket. In less than seven days, TokenPay invested 66.5 million XVG in the donation and was regarded as the highest donour which underpinned the successful completion of the crowdfunding process. Days after the mystery partner came out to be Pornhub.

At the beginning, the mystery partnership did not first work for Verge, however, now, it has created sundry of opportunities for the cryptocoin.

Pornhub Made TrafficJunky To Accept Verge (XVG)

TrafficJunky, an online advertising network, with more than 4 billion daily impressions, has indicated that it is adding Verge to its payment option weeks after Pornhub and Brazzer announced their partnership with the cryptocurrency.

In a press release by TrafficJunky, “Pornhub announced they’d be accepting Verge a little over two weeks ago and it was only a matter of time before we followed suit,” explains Rabih Boulmona, TrafficJunky’s Product and Operations Manager.

The partnership by all indication was induced by Pornhub for the fact that MindGeek is an affiliate of TrafficJunky.

Verge Halving Is On The Way

In the same line, Verge has broadcast its block reward halving is on the way, maintaining that it will be halving at block 2,124,000.

The halving will result in scarcity of SVG in the market and will make the amount of new XVG earned by miners, with each block transaction, reduced.

In a statement by Verge, the decision is part of its “predictable, transparent monetary policy.”

Bitfinex Adds Verge (XVG), And Spotify May Follow

Bitfinex, an Hong Kong based exchange platform added Verge. This is a major boost for the crypotocurrency which was early reproved for partnering Pornhub. The moment it was added, there was a rapid rise in the value of the bitcoin.

In the same line, there is possibility Spotify accepts XVG going by the online campaign a team member of the cryptocoin embarked on.

With sincerity, Verge (XVG) is doing all it could to win more partners to its side. If the team continues in this manner, growth is sure.


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