All Sports (SOC): The Adrenaline Zapping Coin for the Sporting Industry

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All Sports (SOC) is an application that has all the good intentions of streamlining the multi-billion sporting industry. This is an application that will bring together the sportsmen and women and empower them gain massively from the support they get from their fans and sponsors without being exploited by third parties in the global arena.

Sporting industry is a huge business that relies heavily on the fans and multinationals in terms of support and sponsorship. There are many deals that are involved in the sector and these involve huge sums of money. Unfortunately, transparency has been has been overshadowed by middlemen.

All Sports (SOC) is set to redeem the lost glory in the sporting industry through deployment of blockchain technology. The network will act as the link between all stakeholders in a decentralized environment. This will add value and ensure resources are shared equitably and transparently.

All Sport (SOC) Facilitator

The SOC coin will facilitate all transactions in the network to fuel it to achieve its objective of disrupting the sporting industry. With a standard blockchain based platform, fans and players have a bigger say compared to the current state of the industry where there is not transparency and trust.

For the last 7 days, SOC price has been skyrocketing and indications are the Bull Run is going to spread to the end of Q3. By mid-April the coin was trading at $0.030146 and is now set at $0.223187 which is a clear indication that the coin is gaining traction. In the last 24-hours, the coin has gained 57.20%, 52.96% and 49.51against the dollar, BTC and ETH respectively.

With the All Sports goal of creating fairness in the sporting industry, it is poised to draw a lot of followership across all sports fanatics across the globe. The coin will fuel the entire ecosystem and this will see increased partnerships and support from sports stakeholders to add value to the digital asset.

All Sports (SOC) Role in Sports Predictions and Betting

Given that All Sports (SOC) platform is open source, building applications has been made easy for the sport fan cum developer. The ecosystem uses smart contracts that make it possible to map sporting IPs for seamless information and data flow during predictions and betting.

These applications are not specific to betting and predictions; match fixing, player overpricing and manipulation of betting results are some of the issues that system is set to address. All participants’ information is stored in a central data depository and the valuation process cannot be manipulated since the information is immutable.

This is one cryptocurrency blockchain that will have a huge task of accommodating the use cases in the sporting and betting industry. Although the project is still in the early stages, the developer team is aware of the potential and mass adoptions is what they should be focusing on.

Future of All Sport (SOC) In the Sporting Industry

The future of All Sports looks better and once they bring together all stakeholders including sports federations, fans, sports professional leagues and sponsors, the sky will be the limit for the SOC coin. With no flaws in the sporting chain, all participants will get value through the system integration.

Once the project is complete and the smart contacts functional, all negotiations and transactions will become fast, secure and traceable. This will bring on-board sport centric investors to give the platform a boost. This will increase SOV liquidity and value given that sport has a global fanatical fan base that can be easily tapped by the platform to gain more traction in the market.

With a trading price of $0.223187, All Sports (SOC) is a coin anyone can stash their bet on and gain as the project continues to be rolled out. As a sports betting/prediction and trading network, no one can negate the potential it holds in the sporting industry.


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