Is Ripple (XRP) Hitting $1 By the End of The Week?

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The top three cryptos, among which is Ripple (XRP) has been doing a great job in rebounding while following up with the latest trend of trading in the green against the dollar. While Ethereum went across the price of 800$ per one unit and Bitcoin getting closer to the 10.000$ per one ETH, Ripple is aiming at reaching the 1$ value per one unit, which is now getting pretty close with great odds of happening by the end of the first week of May 2018. Let’s see how Ripple has been doing these days as well as whether there is a chance for XRP to hit the 1 dollar value by the end of the week.

Is Ripple Going Over $1 by the End of the Week?

Ranked as the third-best crypto in accordance with the global coin ranking list, Ripple (XRP) is doing more than well as it is trading up against the dollar at a continuous pace of growth. The last day, we’ve seen Ripple going up against this fiat currency for over 7% and now we see it getting closer to the one dollar value with an additional 5% added to its value.

Ripple is going up against the dollar as it is following up on the latest trend where the majority of currencies are going up while steadily rising while the altcoins are surging in its value. Ripple is one of such coins, so it is no wonder that this digital asset is getting closer to a 1$ price per one unit.

In case this pace of growth continues for Ripple, the next logical objective would be getting back to its all-time high price of 3.20$ per one XRP coin, which was recorded back in January at the beginning of 2018.

As far as the expected one dollar value concerned, Ripple team seems to be boosting the morale of XRP community by starting with an engaging meme campaign that is set to encourage contestants into setting the next price goal for Ripple (XRP) while tagging this currency in their meme art.

All contestants with submitted memes are to become eligible for winning a pretty interesting reward.

There will be 10 winners after the two existing XRP competitions end, and the winners will get tickets for an exclusive XRP event where Snoop Dog, a massive rap megastar, will perform. The event is set to be an invite-only happening with exclusive XRP members only, but 10 lucky contestants will also get a chance to attend this performance.

The tickets can be won either by entering Twitter Trivia competition or participating in Making a Meme contest. There will be a total of ten tickets given away in form of rewarding the winners of these two competitions.

It seems that with these marketing campaigns, XRP is doing an amazing job by engaging their community, perhaps creating more room for Ripple to grow in the market this way. With an engaged community that is working hard on promoting Ripple and “spreading the word” while getting rewarded for their effort, XRP is more likely to hit the 1$ value by the end of the first week of May of 2018.

Ripple and the Market

Ripple (XRP) is justifying the status of the third-best currency while being traded in the green for a prolonged time while going up against the dollar. This has been an amazing week for the top three cryptos, as Ethereum has managed to break through the value of 800$ per one unit, while Bitcoin got closer to dealing back at 10.000$ per one BTC.

Following the latest trend in the market, XRP has been trading in the green for quite some time now, which brought it closer to a symbolical value of 1$ per one unit.

As we are expecting Ripple to hit the one dollar price, we can see it as it rising up against the dollar today, on May 4th, while going up for 5.16% against this fiat currency.

In addition to this set of gains, XRP is also trading up against BTC, rising up against this crypto by 1.27%.

After the latest changes that occurred in the last 24 hours, one unit of XRP can be bought at the price of 0.91$, which means that Ripple (XRP) might as well go over the predicted price of 1$ even before the end of the week in case it continues to progress at this rate.

XRP made its all-time high back in January when this coin traded at the price of over 3.20$ per one coin.


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