Zilliqa (ZIL) partners with a Singaporean insurance company! Can it reengineer entire industries?

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Zilliqa (ZIL) – The next phase of growth for blockchain technology will come from adoption. People now want to know what the projects they are investing can do in the real world. One of the projects that blazing the trail on this front is Zilliqa.  This high throughput blockchain project has a huge potential use case in multiple industries, mostly in finance and other service related industries.

Already this use case is visible in the kinds of partnerships that Zilliqa is doing. A day ago, Zilliqa entered into a partnership with Insurance Market, Delloite and FWD to test out insurance services on the blockchain. It is expected that four other insurance companies will be joining soon. They also intend to open this up to other insurance all over the world as well. Once this is tested and proven to work, Zilliqa will get massive value boost going into the future. It will have brought blockchain to a trillion dollar industry, and changed the way we interact with insurance products for good.

But it’s not just in insurance and finance that Zilliqa (ZIL) has a massive use case potential. It also has the potential to disrupt the digital advertising industry, by bringing in more accurate advert targeting.  We have all experienced those annoying adverts that keep popping up simply because you clicked on content that has some related keywords. For instance, just watching a video related to kids is guaranteed to give you an endless stream of adverts related to baby products, even though you don’t have babies. Zilliqa can help in getting smarter advert targeting, and that could see Zilliqa take a center stage in the global advertising industry, further pushing up its value in the market.

The potential value of Zilliqa has not gone unnoticed by exchanges looking to add new coins. In the last 24 hours or so, Zilliqa has been added to two crypto exchanges namely Koinex and Gopax.  This will increase the volumes of Zilliqa (ZIL) traded, which will also drive up its demand. After these two listings, Zilliqa is already up by over 15%, clearly way ahead of much of the rest of the crypto market.  As more exchanges list this crypto, its value in the market is guaranteed to rise, and could see it end the year as one of the best crypto performers.

Personally, I think the Asian insurance sector could be the one that unlocks the true value of Zilliqa. Now that it has opened the road to adoption with a Singapore based insurance company, success could see other companies in other Asian nations follow suite. With the massive growth going on in Asia for the last few decades, Zilliqa could easily find itself at the driving seat of the reengineering the global finance industry.  We all know how big of an impact this will have on the long-term growth of Zilliqa, right? It will explode in value!  Zilliqa (ZIL) definitely qualifies as a great long-term investment.

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