IOSToken (IOST) Getting More Popular as We Speak

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IOSToken (IOST) is a digital asset that makes up for a pretty important member of the crypto community given the fact that ERC20 tokens make up for a great portion of the total market capitalization of all circulating digital assets. Lately, IOST has been doing pretty well, so we are interested in exploring all the factors behind the curtains that made this altcoin more interested to the investors.

IOSToken and Why Investors are Buying?

Maybe one of the main reasons for having IOSToken (IOST) being traded at an increased trading volume, which means that there is an increased demand for this altcoin, is the fact that IOST shows a massive potential for becoming one of the greatest crypto markets for different products and services.

Perhaps, investors are seeing all the technological capabilities hidden in IOST so they are willing to support its likeness in the market as well as take advantage of all the perks its chain has to offer.

IOSToken is made to work based on smart contracts on Ethereum while holding the ability to represent a market with a massive potential. Moreover, IOST is acting like Alibaba, Amazon or any other service provider of that kind, but with a single very important difference.

While services like Amazon are strictly centralized with having a middleman in form of the service as the party that controls the entire operation of online shopping, handling everything from shipping to managing payments which also means that the middleman is taking the cut from that entire purchase which always results in large fees.

Moreover, Amazon and similar services are not able to provide the kind of privacy that blockchain-based platforms have proven to be able to provide to all its users, which only makes IOST more attractive to the online shoppers around the globe.

The Future of IOSToken

IOSToken (IOST) is currently resting on top of Ethereum’s blockchain where its tokens are operating in a way smart contracts do in order to be able to provide the service of merchants meeting customers with the ability of easily exchanging goods and services in exchange for IOST tokens.

However, it seems that IOSToken won’t be for long settled on Ethereum’s chain as it is presumed that this ERC20 based token will soon become its own native token with its own platform to operate on.

Thanks to its Proof-of-Believability, IOST has a unique way of making sure that the chain on which the token is resting on is operating with a maximal efficiency, which is a true refreshment in oppose to traditionally used Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work protocols.

Before moving onto the next chapter of creating a native IOST currency, the team behind this token will address all the issues revolving around scalability which often appear with this type of digital assets.

Although it is certain that IOST will be launching its main net, it is yet uncertain when the time of the launching is going to happen. For now, an information remains that the launching of the IOST test net will occur somewhere around the second quarter of 2018.

IOSToken and the Market

Ranked as number 50 on the global coin ranking list due to its market capitalization, IOSToken is doing a fairly solid job while following up with the trend in the market, which means that this token is currently being traded up against the dollar.

However, even though the majority of coins and tokens are jumping in its value at dizzy rates at times, IOSToken is rising slowly while adapting to the market and adopting a certain level of stability in the crypto community.

That is how in addition to the latest change, IOST is trading up in the green against the dollar while going up for 3.02% against this fiat currency.

Moreover, on its place in the market, it seems that IOSToken (IOST) is going down against both, BTC and ETH, which means that the top two best coins are doing better than IOST tokens at the current moment on May 3rd.

That being said, IOST is currently going down against Bitcoin by -2.98% while also dropping in oppose to Ethereum for -9.06%.

IOSToken (IOST) can now be traded at the price of 0.065$ per one unit, which is still far from its record price. IOSToken set its all-time high value back in January at the beginning of 2018, when this token was being traded at around 0.136$.

Due to a massive potential hidden in this token that is soon to launch its own main net, it is expected to see its value additionally rose towards pursuing its all-time high and even going below, in case the investors manage to recognize its potential.


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