EOS (EOS) – Will we see multiple chains on network launch D-Day?

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EOS (EOS) Mainnet launch is one of the most awaited events in crypto space at the moment. It’s actually the main reason why EOS has gained so much in the last few weeks, hitting highs of $20. However, there are emerging fears that there might be multiple chain launches, creating confusion. Such a scenario would mean that EOS will be starting off with a hard fork. So are these fears valid, and is there a reason for concern?

While a multiple chain launch scenario is possible, there is a good chance that it is unlikely to happen. One of the reasons why a multiple chain launch is unlikely is because there is no incentive for such a scenario.  That’s because no block producer wants to waste their time and monetary resources trying to launch a chain without the right alliance. It would be an endeavor doomed to fail from the start. Therefore, the fact that no rational person wants to gamble their time and resources on an endeavor that has a high likelihood of failure, will act as an incentive towards the launch of the main net, rather than multiple chains.

On top of that, there is the fact that confusion emanating from a multiple chain launch, might put off exchanges looking to list EOS tokens. Such a scenario would be a catastrophe to the value of EOS.  No one involved in the EOS project wants such a scenario. It would be a lose-lose scenario for everyone. As such, there is a strong incentive for everyone to rally towards the main net, rather than multiple chains. This way, the main net can be a success and attract more exchanges to list EOS, hence pushing up its value in the long-run.  Failure to do that would be tantamount to self-sabotage, and with the complexity and time involved in making EOS the high-value project it is today, that is highly unlikely.

There is also the aspect of Dapps developers. Dapps developers want to create their projects on one main net. It is easier for them. As such, in case of a multiple chain launch, they might be decided to choose one chain and render the rest irrelevant.

On top of that, they can choose to avoid the confusion and stay away from EOS altogether. After all, there are multiple blockchains they can build their applications on. Without the capability to attract Dapps developers, the value of EOS would collapse. Considering that everyone who has put in their time wants EOS to succeed by attracting Dapps creators, it then follows that everyone has an incentive to rally towards the main net, and not multiple chains that only serve them, negatively affecting the value of EOS (EOS).
With all these factors at play, we can all wait comfortably for the Mainnet launch. The value of EOS is likely to continue growing as we approach this launch. EOS is big, and will get even bigger after the launch. It is definitely a great project to be involved in right now.


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