Primas (PST) for Content: Make Quick Money with your Content; Uncensored

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With more and more cryptocurrencies being developed daily, you can always tell ones that will stick around long enough to benefit the adopter.  Primas (PST) is one of those applications that will offer practical solutions to content developers and helping them get value for their passion without being censored.

Primas is a simple application that will help you do more with your content. It is a distributed trusted content protocol according to the systems whitepaper. Any webmasters will tell you content is king but they ever tell you where you can source for the best content developers. With Primas (PST), you are assured of unlimited access to premium content that will transform how you look at digital content.

Primas is in its beta test stage but you can still use the application by applying in advance.  The Primas App is in English and simplified Chinese languages and it is up to you to choose what suits you. This is a very simple App to use and is compatible with a wide range of browsers but the current test if for iOS users.

How Primas Works

To become a participant in the network is straight forward, you only need to create an account and start posting your content. PST is the native coin that drives the entire Primas ecosystem and you n can easily earn your first tokens.  However, there are two main ways that you can earn the PST coins.

Content creation and sharing is one of the easiest if you are passionate about content development. You are not restricted to the content you create as long as it is premium. This could be through blogging, Vlogging or sharing your photos.

The ability to earn more depends on the group you share your content with. You can create a group of people you share the same passion and share ideas; the more they recommend your content the more you earn PST tokens.

If content development is not your kind of pastime, you can earn PST through mining and trading on exchanges where the coin is listed. The platform offers the investors the best value proposition given that the coin price is currently affordable. With a lot of hype around the platform, the value of PST is set to gain traction before the end of the year.

Why the Primas (PST) Hype?

Apart from the credible content on the platform, you get incentives that power the generation and circulation of premium content. Your circles or groups will support you and help you earn more by sharing and recommending good content.

You do not have to go through third parties; you earn what your content is worth. Your fan base determines your earning limits which encourages participants to be active. This is a powerful tool for those serious about becoming an authority in a select content niche.

Price Drivers on Primas (PST) Blockchain

Primas rides on the Ethereum blockchain utilizing the smart contracts. Data is stored using IFPS and lets other content platform link to the Primas network with ease. Simply put, it is an application where professionals and armatures can distribute, recommend and exchange content and get paid for.

The price of PST has not been steady for the last one week but looks to be on an uptrend streak after being listed on OKEx, and BigOne exchanges. With more exchanges expected to list PST, the price seems surging north to trade at $0.388922 with a massive gains of 58.57 against the USD, 56.45% to BTC and 55.05% to ETC.

With strategic support from big names like Fenbushi Capital, NodeCapital and Chainpe, Primas (PST) has what it takes to take the digital content industry by storm. They have also partnered with BTCMedia, Data Grand and to cement their agenda in the industry.


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