Are Investors Buying Lisk (LSK) Because of Its Stability in the Market?

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Lisk (LSK) has been following up with the latest trend in the market, which means that this currency is trading in the green with the majority of currencies that are going up against the dollar today. However, Lisk has been noted as a pretty stable coin in the market given the fact that LSK didn’t have any major drops in oppose to other cryptocurrencies in circulation. In addition to increased price, it has been also noted that investors are getting more interested in Lisk, which makes us wonder whether LSK belongs to the top coins with a stable pace of growth.

Lisk Gets Added on ABRA

First to reflect on the latest update on Lisk (LSK) as this currency has just been announced to be added on ABRA. Abra is known as a global wallet that makes up for a digital application dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Lisk has been announced to get listed on Abra with four other currencies, which means that all Abra users will now be able to trade with Lisk, NEM, NEO, Monero, and Verge.

On this occasion, Abra representatives have stated that they have decided to add more currencies to their already exist9ng list of digital assets as they have noticed the increased demand for these assets. Bill Barhydt, the CEO of Abra, added that they will further work on democratizing the way people are making transactions today, as well as how people are operating with their finances, so it is in their interest as well as in the interest of Abra users, to have more altcoins added to this digital wallet application.

Abra has so far listed 25 currencies with the ability to trade, buy and sell with over 50 different fiat values, all by using a very simple application. So, in a way, Lisk is also trending up due to this listing, as whenever a digital asset gets listed, traditionally, its value goes up.

Also, Lisk being added on ABRA is another one of important factors for sky-rocketing Lisk while also showcasing its stability on the market. Now that LSK is to become available on Abra, its visibility will increase consequently which means that there may be more radical rises in the following days in the market for Lisk.

Lisk: Say NO to Short-term Gains

The technology behind LSK speaks quite favorable in the name of this digital asset; however, it is thought that investors are not buying LSK units because of the functionality of the coin, even though Lisk allows easy operations and deployment of different types of decentralized applications.

The main reason behind the functionality of LSK platform is the fact that its ecosystem has user-friendly tools for creating and deploying Dapps, which, of course, makes it pretty attractive for users and investors.

However, investors are not only interested in its functionality, as it has been noted that LSK has a pretty stable pace of growth when compared to its peers in the market.

Only two days ago, at the end of April, Lisk (LSK) was being traded at around 10$, however, we can see it two days later, on May 2nd, while being traded at over 14$ per one LSK unit.

Moreover on this case, given the fact that LSK has managed to go through some of the biggest crashes in the market, says a lot about this assets’ volatility, making it one of the most stable altcoins in the market.

In the long run, in case investors don’t decide to cash in on LSK once its price hits the roof, LSK could get back to its all-time high of around 38$ per one unit and even break the value of 40$ and beyond.

In addition to having a highly functional and easy-to-use platform, Lisk is planning on creating an ecosystem that will enable LSK users to create and deploy their own digital assets, which will most likely raise the value of Lisk additionally to the latest rise.

Lisk in the Market

Having a pretty stable pace of growth, Lisk(LSK) has easily managed to go from dealing at around 10$ per one unit on April 30th to dealing at a bit over 14$, only two days later on May 2nd.

Following the latest trend in the market, LSK is going up against the dollar, this time rising for 7.80% against this fiat currency. In addition to this rise, Lisk is also trading up against BTC for a bit over 5%.

Lisk (LSK) is currently being traded at the price of 14.01$ per one unit, while slowly progressing in attempt to reach its all-time high once again.


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