Verge (XVG) Gets Ready for the Bull Run: TokenPay (TPAY) and XVG Debit Cards Coming Soon

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Verge (XVG) is all about making the impossible become a reality, not in future but right now. It is accomplishing what most other coins would mostly target in their future plans. That being said, it is essential that I let you know that you should be getting ready to see the “pay with XVG’ sign in a merchant shop on the street you pass almost daily. It is a barely a couple of weeks since verge partnership news were drowning it. XVG/USD engaged reverse gear and nose-dived in a matter of hours. However, the charts and the news surrounding verge all point towards a pending potential breakout to the upside.

Most analysts would advise the investor to buy now when Verge (XVG) price is dancing below $1 level. This is a chance to buy low especially for the long-term holders. Things are shaping up for this cryptocurrency it is as almost like the stars are aligning. Consequently, XVG could be coming to a bank that’s near you. And by the way, I am not referring to the XVG/Mindgeek scenario which has played a big role in putting Verge into the limelight as well as the investors’ spotlight. Many deals are going to be birthed by this partnership, however, let us focus on TokenPay for now. The speculation that surrounded Verge mystery partnership had many people believe that it would be TokenPay, but it turned out that it wasn’t. For those who were disappointed, fast-forward to this:

“Our bank deal in Germany as outlined in the #TokenPay Ecosystem Report has now been signed, several weeks ahead of schedule. We expect closing to occur by the end of next week and an official announcement to follow. $TPAY and $XVG debit cards coming soon” reads a tweet from TokenPay.

The partnership between TokenPay and Verge (XVG) is set to revolutionize cryptocurrency payments and launch vergecurrency to various financial partnerships in different sectors of the economy. TPAY coupled with XVG is what is known as a massive business deal. Verge debit cards are more or less the biggest deal not just for the Verge community but also for the entire crypto industry. I would say that some cryptocurrencies would feel more deserving of this deal, but Verge has it now and it is big, it outweighs all competition.

Verge appealed to Mindgeek due to the entire obfuscation of transactions through TOR as well as i2P couple with untraceability it would bring privacy to the adult entertainment focused organization. However, XVG also achieves speedy transactions, low fees and high volume of coin supply which catapults it towards mass adoption. At the same time, the ability for an individual to choose either a private or a public network appeals to the wider cryptocurrency community.

Verge price analysis

Verge price is currently flirting with $0.075, after breaching $0.08 resistance level. The crypto found a short-term support at $0.070 before bouncing to correct higher. There is a growing bullish momentum as observed on the charts, however, XVG/USD will experience resistance at $0.08 as it recoils to explore new highs in May. On the downside, both the 50 and the 100 Simple Moving Averages will work as support lines above the immediate support level. The MACD, on the other hand, is pointing upwards towards the positive regions to signal that the buyers are gaining momentum in the short-term. A major support is highlighted at $0.065, it will halt declines in the event of an extended trend reversal.

The bank deal means a lot to both TokenPay and Verge (XVG). Token pay will acquire 10% of the German bank, although it has an option of buying another 80%. Verge, on the other hand, will be among the first cryptocurrencies to be accepted in the banking sector.


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