LBX Exchange Adds Bitcoin Cash (BCH), As Russian Taxis, Stores Accept BCH

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Russian residents of Rostov especially taxis, in the port on Don River, have started accepting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with stores selling Bitcoin and different BTC teller machines installed in supermarkets.

This is happening at the wake of crypto regulations in the capital city, making people panic that the development may be affected any time from now.

Analysts averred that Taxi drivers and stores in Rostov on the Don River do not care about possible crypto regulation. This is among the many signs that cryptocurrency has come to stay, even in Russia where there may be clamp down on cryptocurrency in the nearest future.

Russia has a large number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This is backed by a survey conducted earlier this year, which indicated that over half of Russians have full understanding of bitcoin. Although the knowledge is high among young people in big cities especially, but Bitcoin still remains the most known in Russia.

While bitcoin teller services continue to receive warm reception, nothing less than four ATM are working perfectly in a Russian supermarket named chain Assorti. The machines accept fiat currency as well.

LBX Exchange Adds Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

UK- based exchange, London Block Exchange (LBX) has listed Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) as part of the cryptocurrencies it is offering, summing up to 6 cryptocoins that its trades on its platform.

While LBX is especially for UK market alone, around November, the platform was opened with OTC trades, while planning to add more then.

LBX is also prominent for offering an on-shore UK banking, the London Block Exchange supports of BCH is something surprising to the cryptocurrency community.

Now, BCH-GBP, BCH-BTC, ETC-GBP, and ETC-BTC are tradable pairs on the platform.

According to the management of the platform, coins are going to be added on the platform regularly.

“We are excited to announce that we have an addition to our blossoming selection of cryptocurrencies. Our customers will now be able to buy, sell, send, and receive Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH),” the platform states.

“As we open our doors to UK crypto enthusiasts, we’re listening and acting on what the community wants – and that’s an array of good quality coin options to trade, all backed by a reliable, comprehensive and user-friendly service that they can trust,” LBX founder and CEO Benjamin Dives stated.

Based in London’s Canary Wharf, LBX trades many cryptocurrency, and provides exchange services to dwellers in the country. Its services is meant for consumers and institutional investors through its online medium and mobile application. It has an e-wallet section and it is recognized by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

There has been an increasing value of BCH in recent time. The cryptocoin seems to be closing to a double value and increasing more than top altcoins by percentage. All eyes seems to be on the cryptocurrency now that the market is going bullish. A large number of observer have placed hopes in the altcoin, saying it has more prospects than any cryptocurrency in the market.


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