03 will open up the NEO (NEO) smart economy for the better – Good tidings ahead!

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The NEO smart economy is growing, and fast. This is quite visible in the number of token sales taking place through the NEO ecosystem, including the upcoming NEX token sale.  But things are about to get better thanks to 03. 03 has built a smart mobile wallet through which, investors can interact directly with the NEO smart economy.

This means you can now participate in NEO based ICOs through their mobile phones. This is a major boost to the expansion of the NEO ecosystem. We are likely to see an increase in the number of ICO launching on the NEO blockchain. That’s because when people have the ability to participate in token sales through their phones, the number of participants is going to be higher, which makes it even more possible to meet ICO needs.

But that’s not the only edge that the 03 smart wallet is bringing to the NEO smart wallet. 03 also brings in an element of security. One of the reasons why people don’t invest in ICOs is the fear of losing their tokens.  03 makes use of Android and IOS security features to ensure maximum security for anyone participating in ICOs in the NEO ecosystem. Through these security features, only the investor has access to the private keys. This eliminates any chances of losing those keys while participating in a token sale on the NEO ecosystem.

On top of that, it allows investors to keep track of the tokens that they participate in, and easily manage their token portfolio.  This will play a role in attracting more investors to participate in NEO token sales, given that ease of access and complexity of keeping track of tokens, is part of what keeps investors away from ICOs.
What’s even more interesting is that the 03 smart wallet keeps users in touch with the latest NEO ecosystem news.

There are many times when investors miss out on good ICOs simply because they didn’t even know that they were happening. Anyone with the 03 wallet doesn’t have to deal with such issues. They are guaranteed of a good stream of news, news that can go a long way in helping them take advantage of good token sales, early enough. This is also guaranteed to push more developers to launch their ICOs on the NEO ecosystem, because of the publicity.

Clearly, the 03 smart wallet is one of the best things that has ever happened to NEO. As the number of ICOs launching on the NEO platform increases, so will the value of NEO (NEO). You just need to look at the growth of Ethereum up to this point for context. The reason why Ethereum shot up in 2017, was because there was an explosion of ICOs launching through the platform.  03 could easily give NEO a similar push. It’s plausible for NEO to get to $1000 or more in 2018. Things are looking up for this crypto!


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