TRON (TRX) On the Rise as CEO, Justin Sun Considers a Move to Malta: The New Blockchain Hub

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Tron (TRX) is having a fruitful second quarter of 2018 after the founder; Justin Sun unleashed an impressive roadmap for the decentralized entertainment platform. There are upcoming events that the Trroadmapnity is anticipating, besides the roadmap has been updated with various events coupled with the mainnet launch and last but not least the representative election.

The details of Tron Roadmap for 2018 include but not limited to:

Odyssey 2.0 launch with Proof of Stake

  • On-chain resource allocation governance
  • Network capacity of 10,000 transactions per second
  • TRX transaction fees reduced to zero
  • Debut of decentralized applications
  • Token wallet launch
  • Blockchain browser launch

In addition to that, Sun said that the developers will also be launching the Great Voyage 1.0 update in the fourth quarter of 2018 which will facilitate “communication across different blockchains.” Tron network currently runs on Ethereum, however, there is scheduled migration that will see Tron (TRX) migrate to its own blockchain network. The details of the migration have already been released while the exchanges have also been asked to facilitate the process. Justin said in regard to the preparation for the token migration:

“Our supporters don’t need to worry about the token swap. You can either deposit your TRX into an exchange and wait for them to swap for you – and even if you forget to put the token into the exchange, we will have the exchange support swaps forever.”

In recent news, the CEO Justin Sun was reported to be “seriously considering” a move to Malta, besides, there are other big names in the crypto space have either already moved to the island or still making similar considerations. For instance, Neufund, a platform that focuses on equity fundraising, announced last week that they will be moving to Malta. Moreover, OKEx, a cryptocurrency exchange platform confirmed that it is opening an operational base in the same Island, a move that will see it join Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, which has moved its base to the country already.

Malta has come to be known as one of the most blockchain and cryptocurrency progressive countries in the world. It is making steps towards becoming the first jurisdiction with a working regulatory system for the technology. Malta, according to TIMES of MALTA news outlet, is “addressing the ability to re-conceive how businesses operate, through smart contracts, the use and development of sophisticated platforms and protocols, and the new, broader dimension of economic enterprises that support cryptographic technologies.

Tron, on the other hand, is making progress and has started catching the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. A move to a jurisdiction where the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain is stable and supported by the government is bound to increase its growth tremendously, especially now that the network is migrating its token from Ethereum to Tron Blockchain.

Tron (TRX) Price Analysis

Tron price is on an upside roll on Monday 30 recording more than 6% increase in the last 24 hours. TRX/USD has made considerable gains in the past one week rising from lows of $0.05 to exchange hands above $0.09. The price upside has been supported by the upcoming token migration while the roadmap is presenting Tron (TRX) as a digital asset that is growing to achieve stability. TRX/USD broke past several key resistance areas at $0.07, 0.085 and $0.09 respectively. The crypto is trading above the simple moving averages where the 50 SMA is acting as immediate support line above $0.085. Besides, the MACD momentum indicator is pulling deeper into the positive levels to signal that the buyers have the upper hand. An immediate support has been formed at $0.09; however, the major support for TRX/USD is at $0.085.


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