Are you a freelancer? Time New Bank (TNB) could make you a millionaire!

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There is no doubt that blockchain technology is changing the world. The main focus has been on the impact of this technology on the finance industry. However, as you are about to realize, the reach of blockchain technology goes way beyond that, and it could change your life at a more personal level, all thanks to a crypto called Time New Bank (TNB).

So what is it all about? Time New Bank is a crypto that allows you to monetize your time.  This is not necessarily a new concept, though. We have all heard of $3 million lunch with Warren Buffet. The only difference is that this is being done in a decentralized environment where anyone can monetize their time. The biggest beneficiaries to this will be freelancers, especially YouTube freelancers. At the moment, these freelancers are finding it hard to monetize their content due to new YouTube policies. With the TNB platform, such people can sell their time and get paid for it in TNB tokens.

That’s a big deal because the higher the number of people that such an individual can sell their time to, the more money they can make.  For instance, if you are a creator that has 10,000 YouTube followers who want to get ideas from you, you can create a time chain on the Time New Bank (TNB) blockchain and sell that time to each of those 10,000 people individually and magnify your earnings.  The potential earnings are way higher than what they would make waiting for advert revenues from third parties.

But as an investor who has no interest in monetizing your time, is TNB a worthy investment? Absolutely!  There are several factors that support this assertion. For starters, this crypto already has a working product. It has an app that allows celebrities to monetize their time.  This is noteworthy considering that there are many cryptos out there that are valued so highly, yet they are just concepts on paper. This in itself is an indicator that this is a project that has a strong intrinsic value.

On top of that, Time New Bank (TNB) will be launching its main net in June. This is a big deal because it will allow more partners to run time chains on the TNB blockchain. Once this is launched, we are likely to see an increase in the number of celebrities and other freelancers running their own chains on the network.

If enough celebrities can partner with this platform, its value will increase substantially.  There is actually a major incentive for celebrities to join the TNB blockchain. That’s because selling time in a personalized manner is a great way to make millions, and get paid instantly for the same.

As TNB gets adopted, there is going to be an explosion of freelance millionaires.  That’s guaranteed to drive up the value of Time New Bank (TNB) coupled with the overall growth of the crypto market.  This is definitely a good investment.


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