TRON (TRX) is Trading Up While Waiting for the MainNet Launching

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Tron (TRX) has had a hard time during the massive market crash that affected this digital asset as well as the majority of cryptocurrencies, causing one of the most devastating losses with losing over 50% of the total market capitalization of all cryptos put together. After the eight-week-long market dip came to an end, there was a rebound period that was soon afterwards interrupted by a massive selloff that went on for a couple of days, pushing the market towards plummeting once again. However, after the selloff has ended, there was another period set for recovery of the crypto community – that is when TRON thrived.

TRON is Getting Back on the Track

Even though TRON (TRX) is ranked as the 10th best currency on the global coin ranking list, TRX thrived with the most recent achievement that mirrored all the effort of Justin Sun since the time TRX was first launched as an ICO. Apparently, according to the most recent results, TRON become the number 1 digital asset on the global level during the last week, which means that TRX had the greatest number of commits on Github.

In addition to trending up on Github, TRON was the most talked-about coin on Twitter as well, specifically on April 26th when everyone was thrilled to see TRON rising back up again.

Showcasing its dominance over the market, TRX started to rise up dizzily while collecting massive gains and going towards a total of nearly 50% in a single week where the only currency in the top 30 currencies with higher gains than TRON, was EOS which took the place of the best performing coin of the last week.

That being said, it seems that TRON is getting back on the track big time with 46.64% of rising collected in a week and with an additional 3.94% against the dollar in the last 24 hours.

It is generally a thought that the reason why TRX was able to get back on the track with an amazing rebound of nearly 50% in a single week is the fact that TRON is releasing its main net pretty soon.

TRON and the Main Net

At the current moment, TRON (TRX) is represented as an ERC20 token, but this won’t be the case for too long as TRON is launching its own main net where this currency will acquire a status of a native asset.

The launching of the Main Net is set for May 31st, which is getting closer as April is coming to an end. However, although the Main Net will be launched in May, the complete migration of all TRX units should not be fully completed until June 21st, when TRX Main Net is going to be officially ready for all users.

To show its appreciation for Ethereum, given the fact that Ethereum supported them while launching TRX on their own platform during its ERC20, TRON representatives have announced an airdrop.

The initial airdrop took place during the last week when TRX was collecting massive gains on the market, also getting back to its previous place on the list as the tenth-best currency, having 30 million TRX units being released to ETH community.

TRON and the Market

TRON has done an amazing job with bouncing off as it managed to collect a set of gains of nearly 50% against the dollar while trading in the green during the entire last week. In addition to having its market capitalization consequently increased due to the rising tradi9ng volume, TRON managed back to retrieve its spot on the global coin ranking list as the 10th – best currency in accordance with its market capitalization.

Following the latest trend in the market, TRX is still being traded in the green, however, with lower gains when compared to the rebound wave a couple of days ago. After the latest change in the market, TRON (TRX) has gone up to 3.94% against the dollar while it is also trading up against BTC and ETH.

In the last 24 hours, TRX has gone up against BTC for 4.72%m while it is trading in the green in oppose to ETH while rising for 4.88%.

Due to this change, TRON can be currently purchased at the price of 0.085$ per one unit, while this currency was worth around 0.050$ only a few days ago.

TRX marked its all-time high back in January at the beginning of 2018, when this currency was valued at 0.25$. It is expected to see TRON (TRX) breaking through its previous record price once the Main Net is launched.


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