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Waves (WAVES) is doing an amazing job in “waving” the situation in the market while following the latest trend of trading in the green. WAVES is already known for being the fastest blockchain platform in the market, in addition to also representing one of the most user-friendly at the same time. This currency has also caught the attention of many investors along the way as it’s been doing a great job while bouncing off after the recovery phase started for the majority of cryptocurrencies. Let’s see how Waves is rocking the market as well as find out whether Waves platform is indeed the fastest platform in the market.

Does Waves Stand for the Fastest Platform in the Market?

It all started for Waves when Bitcoin had its consensus renewed to become a part of the next generation of blockchain protocols, creating Bitcoin NG. Bitcoin NG was created and proposed by Ittay Eyal and Emin Gun Sirer from Cornell Computer Science with the idea of addressing all the flaws present in the existing consensus of Bitcoin.

Later on, Waves (WAVES) started to use the NG consensus that was originally intended for Bitcoin as a new generation protocol intended to make Bitcoin network faster and more focused on resolving security issues. That way Waves platform has managed to acquire fast processing time with thousands and thousands of transactions being processed in a course of a single minute. That without any doubt places Waves as the fastest platform at the current moment.

The mentioned consensus was implemented during the last year when the intended consensus was added to the Waves Main Net.

After the implementation, WAVES miners signaled green for the acceptance of the new Waves NG protocol that was at that time launched.

While the model of this protocol was originally made to address all the flaws as noted in Bitcoin’s technology, the model of the consensus was used Bitcoin NG with Waves NG in order to implement the proof-of-stake protocol, that was at the same time the first ever implementation of a new generation consensus to the blockchain network in production.

In addition to being the fastest platform in the market able to process multiple thousands of transactions at the same time during the period of only 60 seconds, Waves is also said to be the most user-friendly platform as well.

Everything You Can Do With Waves

Waves (WAVES) stands for one of the most user-friendly currencies on the market. This is the fact because the dev team behind this digital asset made sure that their users have all the features they need on the fly.

That is how developers can take advantage of customized tokens with the possibility of launching their own ICOs. In addition to this feature, Waves has made ICOHub which serves the purpose of having WAVES users voting on numerous different projects that can be pitched directly onto the Waves platform.

All users can enter and start crowdfunding campaigns, pitch their projects and launch their ICOs as long as their projects are upvoted by the community. Projects with the majority of votes immediately get the attention of the team behind Waves, helping project owners to bring their ideas to life.

As far as the security concerned, holders can keep their Waves unit directly in the network client with the ability to trade their coins at very low fees and within the shortest time possible.

To expand the level of user-friendly aspects found on the platform, Waves has its own exchange platform built into its ecosystem where all holders can immediately trade and exchange their WAVES units under ridiculously low fees.

Waves and the Market

Waves is doing a great job with recovering from the latest selloff as this currency is trading in the green with over 20% of gains marked for the day.

Following the latest change in the market, Waves (WAVES) has gone up by 23.68% against the dollar while trading in the green.

Waves is also trading in the green against BTC, going up for 24.38% against this crypto. That being said WAVES can be currently purchased at the price of 7.08$ per one unit.

Waves has marked its all-time high back in December when this currency made it to the price of 17.03$ per one unit, making it its record price. Being traded among the top 40 cryptos in the market, according to the global coin ranking list, Waves (WAVES) makes up for a great candidate for climbing up the ladder and reaching the top 30 best cryptocurrencies. This could easily become a real deal in the following months in case this currency continues with the current pace of growth.


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